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Energy-Saving Rare Earth Magnets: political leadership needed

Rare earth supply chains are the linchpin that completes the EU’s ambition for energy transition, as permanent magnets yield energy savings in technology applications used in European automotive, wind, and industrial pump manufacturing sectors.
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Global Europe 16-12-2021

Can Europe become a credible geopolitical actor?

While in the last year and half we have held our breath struggling to overcome the most serious sanitary crisis of the last century – focusing on number of contagions, vaccine doses administered and variants of the vaccines – geopolitical crises with the potential of affecting both the global and European stability have kept unfolding
The US administration has hit out at calls in the EU for personal data to be localized on the bloc and thus avoid having to be transferred to third countries, following a ruling from the European Court of Justice last year in the famed Schrems II case.
Global Europe 30-04-2021

A new transatlantic agenda

Instead of asking what the US can do for Europe we must ask ourselves what we can do for each other, writes Gunnar Hökmark.
Global Europe 15-04-2021

Academic cooperation and European strategic autonomy – sideshow or part of the puzzle?

The EU’s strategic autonomy is being ever more tied to the notion of Europe’s (exclusive) access to key technologies, and as a result, academia suddenly finds itself drawn into a conflictual space, writes Thomas Jorgensen.
Global Europe 03-12-2020

How European sovereignty can survive Joe Biden

Europeans need to use the fillip to transatlantic relations brought by Joe Biden's election win to become the kind of capable partner Biden’s America will want and need, writes Jeremy Shapiro.
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Technology 09-07-2020

Make The Right Choice!

As I write, finally, cautiously, but steadily, things are beginning to return to a version of normal across Europe. For many of us, it’s like we are waking from a dream, or, maybe more accurately, some kind of nightmare. Abraham...