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LEAK: The five political priorities of the upcoming Czech Presidency

Ukraine, energy security, defence and cybersecurity, economic and democratic resilience. These are the five subjects that top the political agenda of the upcoming Czech Presidency, as detailed in a draft internal document obtained by EURACTIV. The Czech Republic will take...

Rethinking the EU’s role in European collective defence

The EU’s response to the war in Ukraine shows that there is space for a European security provider in addition to NATO. The key issue is how NATO and the EU can complement each other, argue Lucia Retter and Stephanie Pezard.
Global Europe 13-05-2022

Czech EU presidency to prioritise fight against hybrid threats, deputy minister says

The Czech EU Council presidency will put the focus on hybrid threats, by accelerating discussions about disinformation and interference set out in the EU’s Strategic Compass, Deputy Minister of Defence Jan Havranek told EURACTIV.

Ukraine war shapes EU’s military strategy as complementary to NATO

After two years in the making, EU foreign and defence ministers green-lighted the EU’s future military strategy blueprint on Monday (21 March), which foresees to boost the bloc’s security and defence by 2030. “The threats are rising and the cost...
Global Europe 20-03-2022

Global Europe Brief: Last stretch for EU’s military strategy

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Global Europe Brief, your weekly update on the EU from a global perspective. You can subscribe to receive our newsletter here. In this week’s edition: EU’s Strategic Compass to be approved this week, summit preview and Ukraine latest....

With war at its doorstep, EU agrees to move on defence

Drawing quick lessons from Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, EU leaders agreed on Friday (11 March) to collectively "resolutely bolster investment" in defence capabilities and "substantially increase" defence spending across the bloc.

LEAK: Russia’s war on Ukraine rewrites EU’s upcoming military strategy

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has become the red thread running through the EU's upcoming military strategy document, the latest version of which has been seen by EURACTIV.
Global Europe 24-02-2022

EU ‘hybrid power’ to face the Russian threat

President Vladimir Putin’s actions of military aggression may be giving European unity and the transatlantic alliance a new lease of life. But it comes at the expense of Ukraine and its people and a potentially high economic and political cost for the EU, writes Ricardo Borges de Castro.
Global Europe 13-01-2022

Stronger support for Eastern partners finds way into amended EU military strategy proposal

Amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine, the EU is set to enshrine stronger support, including in security and defence, for its Eastern partners, according to the latest version of the bloc’s upcoming military strategy document, seen by EURACTIV. “The EU...
Global Europe 03-01-2022

2022: Europe’s ‘ring of fire’ keeps smouldering

In 2022, EU foreign policy looks towards some fire fighting to salvage what is left of the once-dominant dream of building a ‘ring of friends’ from the Caucasus to the Sahara. Over the past year, Europe has woken up to...

A unique opportunity to strengthen EU-NATO cooperation

Some duplications, or thematic overlap, between the EU’s Strategic Compass and NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept will be inevitable but necessary, writes Niklas Novaky.
Future EU 10-12-2021

Macron presents France’s EU Council presidency priorities

French President Emmanuel Macron gave an overview on Thursday (9 December) of the priorities France wants to pursue when it takes over the EU Council Presidency in the first half of 2022. Reforming the border-free Schengen area, setting up a European defence system and a new European model were among the priorities he outlined. EURACTIV France reports.

NATO chief: There will be consequences if Russia attacks Ukraine again

There are reasons to be concerned about Russia’s amassing of troops near Ukraine, but there should be no doubt about NATO’s resolve to “defend all allies in the region”, the alliance’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview....

A Helsinki spirit? The EU should pay attention to Finland’s initiative

The European Union has multiple reasons for embracing the Helsinki Spirit initiative as it would complement the ongoing internal EU-level reflection processes on the bloc's future and strengthen its ability to implement its multilateralism strategy, write Niklas Nováky and Henri Vanhanen.

Europe has to become a security provider, says EU’s Borrell

European citizens want to be protected by the European Union, which is why it must become a security provider, EU chief diplomat Joseph Borrell told several European media outlets in an interview.

LEAK: What the EU’s future military strategy could look like

The blueprint of the so-called Strategic Compass, the European Union’s upcoming military strategy document, seen by EURACTIV, will be formally submitted to EU foreign ministers next Monday (15 November).
Energy 25-02-2021

Strategic Compass and the EU’s €440 million failed gas projects

This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about Friday’s EU summit, where the leaders are expected to discuss security and defence issues. During the first part of their meeting, they will be joined by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg for...