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Agrifood 10-08-2018

Straw prices soar, piling pressure on northern Europe livestock farmers

Livestock and dairy farmers across northern Europe are paying soaring prices for straw used in food and bedding for cattle, as hot, dry weather across the region reduces crops.
Agrifood 26-03-2018

Straw is not waste but co-product, EU farmers tell Commission

The EU farmers’ association claims that straw is an agricultural co-product and not a waste, whereas the European Commission has listed it as waste to produce “advanced biofuel” to decarbonise the transport sector.
Future EU 08-06-2004

Patten in scathing attack on Straw jibes

Chris Patten has mounted a forthright defence of the work of the Commission's delegations as a riposte to the disparaging remarks recently made by British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.
EU Priorities 2020 26-05-2004

Straw ridicules EU diplomats

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has attacked the EU's diplomatic missions as being run by 'odd-bods' from small countries with no clear goal.
Future EU 22-02-2002

Jack Straw presents UK’s vision on future of Europe

Jack Straw, the UK's Foreign Minister, set out the British viewpoint on the future of Europe in a speech in the Hague on 21 February. His speech focused on three major questions: "how can we make the EU better understood"; "how can we make it more democratically accountable"; and "how can we make the EU more effective".