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Pension schemes in EU show big shortfalls in stress test

A stress test of pension schemes across the European Union wiped out €270 billion or almost a quarter of investments at funds that took part, the EU's insurance and pensions watchdog said on Tuesday (17 December).
Global Europe 12-07-2016

New EU border guard plans migration ‘stress tests’

The European Union’s new border and coast guard agency is developing migration 'stress tests', based on the system used to evaluate the resilience of banks to economic shocks, in a bid to stop future refugee crises in the passport-free Schengen zone.
Climate change 07-04-2016

Future of former Spanish nuclear site remains unclear

Spain may be committed to phasing out nuclear power, but there are concerns about its older reactors and the alleged lack of transparency when it comes to addressing safety issues. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Energy 17-08-2012

Belgium shuts two nuclear reactors amid safety concerns

Belgium’s nuclear regulator has questioned the safety of the Electrabel-operated Doel 3 reactor due to cracks in the pressure vessels that have already forced the shutdown of a similar unit at the Tihange nuclear plant.
Euro & Finance 18-07-2011

European bank stress test results raise doubts, hopes

Only eight European banks failed to pass stress tests of their ability to withstand a new recession, with Italian banks doing surprisingly well ahead of a key EU summit on Thursday (21 July).
Euro & Finance 11-07-2011

EU countries to rescue banks that fail stress tests

European countries will support banks that fail stress tests if those lenders cannot raise capital from investors within six months, according to a draft EU document.
Euro & Finance 29-06-2011

Up to 15 EU banks to fail stress test, say sources

Up to one in six European banks is set to fail an EU-wide financial health check, according to eurozone sources close to the stress testing, as officials scramble to set up backstops for those at risk.
Euro & Finance 23-06-2011

EU summit to gloss over euro crisis

On the cusp of another EU summit to address the Greek crisis and Europe's economic future, diplomats speak of a "shambolic union" while draft summit conclusions seen by EURACTIV boast progress. 
Climate change 21-06-2011

UN chief urges snap atom tests

The UN’s nuclear chief has called for random safety tests of all the world's reactors within 18 months, to help prevent any repeat of Japan's atomic crisis three months ago.
Energy 27-05-2011

G8 summit urges stringent nuclear safety rules

Leaders of the Group of Eight want more stringent international rules on nuclear safety following the disaster at Japan's Fukushima plant, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said at Deauville yesterday (26 May).
Euro & Finance 03-05-2011

Stress tests ‘not a pass or fail exercise’: EU watchdog

Banks are not out of trouble simply because they pass stress tests, Mervyn King, vice-chair of the joint EU financial watchdog warned yesterday evening (2 May), as some hundred financial institutions are currently being examined for their resilience in harsher economic winds.
Euro & Finance 08-04-2011

EU watchdog to test bank capital

Europe will tell its banks today how much capital they need to hold to withstand a two-year recession, as financial watchdogs seek to repair the sector's tattered image in the eyes of investors.
Climate change 17-03-2011

Brussels nuclear debate goes into meltdown

The European commissioner in charge of climate action, Connie Hedegaard, has signalled that EU decisions on commissioning new energy capacity are "very much likely to be influenced" by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.
Euro & Finance 18-01-2011

Finance ministers split on ‘damned’ stress tests

As EU countries embark on another round of bank stress tests, disagreement is rife on whether the tests should probe liquidity and sovereign debt exposure. Analysts say ministers are "damned if they do and damned if they don't".
Euro & Finance 01-10-2010

EU plans regular bank stress-tests

The European Union will make health checks of banks a regular event and the results will be published in full, the bloc's presidency said yesterday (30 September).
Euro & Finance 23-07-2010

Governments play cat and mouse over stress test results

Finance officials from the 27 member states held very low-key talks in Brussels yesterday (22 July) in an attempt to co-ordinate governments' reactions to the results of bank stress tests on the sector's resilience to another economic downturn and sovereign debt crisis.
Euro & Finance 13-07-2010

EU banks offer voluntary rescue fund

European Banking Federation President Alessandro Profumo yesterday (12 July) offered to set up a voluntary €20 billion rescue fund for failing banks funded by the top 20 EU credit institutions. Although the move follows Brussels' push in this direction, the European Commission reacted warily to his announcement.
Euro & Finance 12-07-2010

Brussels launches plan to avert future bank runs

The European Commission will today (12 July) propose a series of measures to protect savers from the risk of failure in a move aimed at restoring confidence in the banking system and preventing public panic during financial storms.
Euro & Finance 12-07-2010

Ministers discuss plans to prop up banks

How Europe's banks will raise more capital and how their governments will help plug large holes in banks' books will be the main focus of ministerial talks in Brussels this week.
Euro & Finance 02-07-2010

EU to publish ‘sugar-coated’ stress tests for banks

Stress tests due to be released in the month of July are unlikely to reveal the true extent of possible insolvencies among European banks, according to policymakers and financial analysts.