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Economy & Jobs 18-11-2021

COVID recovery euros slow down EU structural fund planning

As predicted, recovery money planning has maxed out administrative capacity in many member states at the expense of the EU's long-standing structural investment program, which now faces delays.
Economy & Jobs 19-05-2021

Regions warn of bottleneck risks, double spending with EU recovery funds

Implementing the EU's €750 billion recovery plan in addition to regular regional spending at European level is likely to prove a challenge, the bloc's politicians admitted at an informal meeting of EU cohesion ministers in Lisbon on Tuesday (18 May).
Economy & Jobs 03-05-2021

Regional fund spending slow despite Commission claims

EU countries have been much slower to spend structural funds aimed at reducing regional and social inequalities than in the previous seven-year budgetary period, figures from the European Commission show. Member states had by the end of last year spent...
Economy & Jobs 24-01-2019

The skills gap – an economic burden for the EU

Digitalisation, the transition towards a greener economy, demographic changes… have increased the skills gap. As workers and companies struggle to deal with it, the European economy suffers. The EU is working to reduce it.
Economy & Jobs 17-10-2018

Dependence on European funds worries Portuguese opposition

Portuguese MEPs José Manuel Fernandes (PSD) and Pedro Silva Pereira (PS) agree on the importance of European structural funds in public investment, although the former says it is "worrying" and the latter considers it "strategic". EURACTIV's media partner Lusa reports.
Lambert Van Nistelrooij
Economy & Jobs 14-05-2018

MEP Van Nistelrooij: Cohesion is still a cornerstone, despite cuts

With €375 billion in the new budget, cohesion remains a cornerstone of EU policies and the proposed cuts will be compensated with increased national co-financing, said Dutch MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij (EPP). He also said he was in favour of keeping the decentralised approach of ESF and the current categorisation of the regions.
Regional Policy 16-01-2013

France holds out for a large EU regional budget slice

Paris eyes an extension of €1 billion for 10 French regions that it says are collateral victims of cuts to the EU budget for 2014-2020. EURACTIV France reports.
Regional Policy 05-11-2012

Hungary denounces planned cuts in its EU regional funds

The European Union risks undermining the credibility of its drive against national budget overshoots if it strips Hungary of structural funds as punishment for running an excessive deficit, a leader of the ruling Fidesz party said.
Regional Policy 05-11-2012

Britain pushes for EU regional spending overhaul

Britain will demand changes to the European Union's regional development funds in budget talks this month, including stripping wealthier nations of access to money intended to help poorer areas, the Sunday Telegraph reported.
Regional Policy 15-10-2012

Brussels wants regions to make better use of EU funds

With the long-term budget topping the EU agenda, European institutions are emphasising the continent’s regions as the battleground where the economic crisis would be won or lost, yet propose to increase conditions laid on growth-oriented funding.
Regional Policy 17-05-2011

Unions urge ministers to ease pressure on Greece

Meeting in Athens, trade union leaders from across Europe have called on EU finance ministers to show solidarity towards Greece and other EU countries facing serious financial difficulties, notably by reducing interest rates on loans from the European Central Bank (ECB).
Regional Policy 17-05-2011

Dassis: ‘European workers are fiercely opposed to austerity measures’

Trade union leaders from across Europe are gathering in Athens this week, for the 12th Congress of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). Veteran trade unionist George Dassis shared with EURACTIV his views on the social impacts of the financial crisis, and how the EU should show solidarity with countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal.
Regional Policy 12-05-2011

Regions want EU funds to back social innovation

Representatives of regions and cities are calling on the European Commission to focus EU funds on supporting new approaches to meeting social needs.
Regional Policy 13-04-2011

Future EU budget must target energy efficiency, says Hedegaard

The EU's commissioner for climate action, Connie Hedegaard, has told regional leaders that energy efficiency must be given "bigger priority" in the coming years and the EU budget should be used to leverage investments in energy-saving measures.
Regional Policy 01-04-2011

Delebarre: ‘I’m against idea of performance reserve’ for regions

Meeting in Brussels today (1 April), regional leaders are expected to adopt a report that directly contradicts many of the European Commission's ideas for reforming the EU structural funds in the coming years. Mayor of Dunkirk Michel Delebarre spoke to EURACTIV about why the Committee of the Regions cannot support some of the Commission's plans.  
Regional Policy 01-04-2011

Regions throw fund reform proposals into doubt

Meeting in Brussels today (1 April), regional leaders are expected to adopt a report that directly contradicts many of the European Commission's ideas for reforming the EU structural funds in the coming years.
Regional Policy 22-03-2011

Rich countries should also benefit from regional funds: MEP

Regions in relatively rich countries should continue to receive money from Brussels, because this is how the European Union "shows its face," according to German MEP Markus Pieper (European People's Party), who is in charge of drafting the European Parliament's opinion on the future of EU regional policy.
Regional Policy 22-02-2011

EU ministers discuss regional funds, no consensus yet

Meeting in Brussels yesterday (21 February), EU ministers expressed strong support for maintaining the bloc's cohesion policy, but failed to find agreement on some of the controversial aspects of the European Commission's review proposal, including attaching conditions to the  payment of EU funds.
Regional Policy 17-02-2011

Small towns join forces to boost their EU clout

Small and medium-sized towns have set up shop to increase their influence over EU policymaking and make their voices heard among the EU institutions.
Regional Policy 11-02-2011

Brussels wants extra help for ‘in-between’ regions

The European Commission faces an uphill struggle to convince member states that extra funding should be made available to regions that are neither poor nor prosperous - but somewhere in between.
Regional Policy 02-02-2011

Hahn urges regions to speed up spending

The EU commissioner in charge of regional policy, Johannes Hahn, has called on regional and national governments to make sure they use up all the money that is available from the EU's structural funds by speeding up the implementation of projects on the ground.
Regional Policy 01-02-2011

EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

The cohesion policy (or regional policy) of the European Union provides a framework for financing a wide range of projects and investments with the aim of encouraging economic growth in EU member states and their regions. The policy is reviewed by the EU institutions once every seven years. The next round of programmes is to be launched in 2014.
Regional Policy 25-01-2011

Italian expert: Regional funding must come with conditions

How should the EU's cohesion policy be reformed to meet the challenges facing Europe's regions in the coming years? EURACTIV Czech Republic interviewed Fabrizio Barca, one of Europe's leading experts in the field of economics and regional development.
Regional Policy 25-01-2011

Regional funding reform necessary, says leading expert

Clear targets and conditions are necessary to ensure that money from the EU's structural funds is not wasted or misspent by member states, says Fabrizio Barca, who is one of Europe's leading experts on regional development. The Italian spoke to EURACTIV Czech Republic in an exclusive interview.