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Climate change 24-11-2016

Commission official: ‘Bioeconomy is a unique opportunity to address societal challenges’

More and more member states are adopting bioeconomy plans and the EU is actively encouraging its Central and Eastern European partners to develop their own strategies. EURACTIV Slovakia talked to the Commission’s John Bell about the issue.
Regional Policy 10-11-2011

Scientist-MEP: ‘If necessary, divert cash from agriculture to research’

Portuguese MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho (European People's Party) is calling for more structural funds to be used for research in a new report to be discussed at a Parliamentary workshop later this month. She is a firm believer that Europe needs to spend more on science and research to emerge from its current economic malaise.
Regional Policy 10-02-2010

Lobbyist: Regional funds ‘discriminate’ against PPPs

National governments are holding back EU regional funding from local authorities that work with private contractors to deliver transport, waste and water services, according to Jean-Pierre Tardieu, chairman of E3PO, a group which promotes public-private partnerships (PPPs).

EU Structural Funds: ‘Biggest opportunity wasted’

The EU is set to spend €308 billion between 2007 and 2013 in order to decrease disparities between the EU's poorer and richer regions. Much of the money will flow into the 12 new EU member states of central and eastern Europe and the Balkans. EURACTIV spoke with an NGO activist about how these funds are potentially being misspent in light of concerns about climate change.