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  • Polish, Czech leaders vow to defend EU regional aid

    News | Regional Policy 05-11-2010

    The prime ministers of Poland and the Czech Republic have declared that they will not accept any cuts in the amount of financial support that is provided to Central and Eastern European countries in the framework of the European Union's regional policy.

  • Most citizens unaware of what the EU does for them

    News | Regional Policy 22-10-2010

    A major Europe-wide survey has revealed that two out of three citizens are not aware of any projects that the EU co-finances in their area. However, awareness is higher in those countries that receive the most money from Brussels.

  • Structural funds ‘key to innovation plan’

    News | Regional Policy 15-09-2010

    The overwhelming majority of innovation experts want EU structural funds to be used to get innovative products and services to the market, according to a new survey. As the European Commission readies its new innovation plan, a consensus is also forming around the need to slash bureaucratic procedures and boost venture capital funding.

  • PPPs struggle to land EU regional fund deals

    News | Regional Policy 10-02-2010

    National governments are holding back EU regional funding from local authorities that work with private contractors to deliver transport, waste and water services, according to E3PO, a group which promotes public-private partnerships (PPPs).

  • Lobbyist: Regional funds ‘discriminate’ against PPPs

    Interview | Regional Policy 10-02-2010

    National governments are holding back EU regional funding from local authorities that work with private contractors to deliver transport, waste and water services, according to Jean-Pierre Tardieu, chairman of E3PO, a group which promotes public-private partnerships (PPPs).

  • EU innovation chief to leverage structural funds for research

    News | Science & Policymaking 14-01-2010

    Europe's incoming innovation commissioner is pledging to tap the EU's structural funds to build research infrastructure and capacity. Máire Geoghegan-Quinn also revealed she would chair meetings of EU commissioners with responsibilities for innovation as part of her new "cross-cutting" portfolio.

  • EU funding fraud on the rise

    News | Public Affairs 23-07-2008

    The financial impact of irregularities and suspected fraud in the use of EU funds by the bloc's member states continues to grow despite the decreasing number of cases documented, reveals a report published yesterday (22 July) by the European Commission.

  • Germany’s Nokia workers may receive EU help

    News | Social Europe & Jobs 21-01-2008

    The EU may offer funding to Nokia workers set to lose their jobs when the cellphone giant closes its plant in Bochum to shift production to Romania, Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced at the weekend. Meanwhile, Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen pledged that this case would prompt a rethink of state subsidies.

  • EU Structural Funds: ‘Biggest opportunity wasted’

    Interview | Sustainable Development 27-08-2007

    The EU is set to spend €308 billion between 2007 and 2013 in order to decrease disparities between the EU's poorer and richer regions. Much of the money will flow into the 12 new EU member states of central and eastern Europe and the Balkans. EURACTIV spoke with an NGO activist about how these funds are potentially being misspent in light of concerns about climate change.

  • Structural funds should boost regional innovation

    Opinion | Science & Policymaking 30-05-2007

    The Commission's research advisory board, EURAB, urges the Commission and the EU-27 to make better use of Structural Funds to enhance research and innovation, in particular at regional level.

  • 2005: EU remains a western farming club

    News | Innovation & Industry 22-09-2006

    The EU remains first and foremost an organisation for funding farming in the 15 'old' member states, according to figures published on the bloc's 2005 budget. 

  • The new EU cohesion policy (2007-2013) [Archived]

    Policy Brief | Regional Policy 20-07-2006

    The EU's enlargement on 1 May 2004 has exacerbated economic and social disparities across the EU. Recipients of Structural and Cohesion Funds such as Ireland and Spain are now being called on to contribute to the development of their new partners. In the 2007-2013 financial perspectives, cohesion policy amounts to 35.7% of the total EU budget (€308 billion), 62% of which should finance projects linked to the Lisbon agenda for growth and employment.

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