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Economy & Jobs 09-11-2021

Long road ahead on Erasmus’ green journey

Erasmus, the EU-wide study away programme, is meant to help the bloc’s growing green ambitions but a lack of data and pressure to deliver is making that difficult, despite interest from young participants and the first decarbonisation incentives already in...
Economy & Jobs 21-09-2021

‘Year of Youth’ gets early start with Erasmus going digital

On Tuesday (21 September), the European Commission announced a significant upgrade to the app for students studying abroad on an EU-funded scheme, a week after EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen announced she would push to make 2022 the ’Year of European Youth‘.
Economy & Jobs 16-09-2021

France steps up dual education as EU announces Erasmus for the unemployed

A French scheme pushing for more apprentice mobility within the European Union may serve as a roadmap for ALMA, a EU's new programme to help young people who are neither in employment nor in education.

Pro-Europeans call for more Erasmus funding

As Erasmus turns 30, politicians and teachers have called for a massive increase to the programme's funding. Hugely popular and undeniably successful, Erasmus is currently accessible to just 7% of young people. EURACTIV France reports.
Languages & Culture 04-07-2011

The case for ‘Euro-Mediterranean’ Erasmus/Leonardo programmes

The EU's mobility programmes for students (Erasmus) and young professionals (Leonardo) should be extended to the countries of the Southern Mediterranean in the wake of the Arab Spring, write the MEPs behind a European Parliament written declaration on the matter in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV. 
Languages & Culture 22-06-2010

Record numbers take part in EU student mobility scheme

Record numbers of students are going abroad for university studies or company placements under the EU's Erasmus scheme, revealed new figures released by the European Commission yesterday (21 June). 
Languages & Culture 06-10-2009

EU mulls Erasmus reform to boost student mobility

Stakeholders are this week (5-6 October) gathering in Sweden to discuss reforming the EU's Erasmus student mobility programme to make going abroad to learn "the rule rather than the exception" for young people.

EU removes barriers to qualifications transfer

Having your educational and professional qualifications recognised in another country came a step closer to realisation on 23 April 2008, as the presidents of the Council and the Commission signed a joint recommendation on boosting the mobility of learners and workers across Europe.
Transport 17-09-2007

Interview: ‘EU must give cities strong tools for sustainable mobility’

As the Commission prepares to present proposals for a European strategy on urban transport, Klaus Bondam, chairman of Eurocities' Mobility Forum and vice-mayor of Copenhagen, stresses the need for a "push from above" that would allow EU cities to finance more sustainable transport infrastructure and implement greener urban policies such as congestion charges.
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2007

Austria and Belgium ‘discriminate against foreign students’

The Commission has launched legal action against Austria and Belgium as their legislations restrict foreign students' access to national higher-education institutions.
Economy & Jobs 23-01-2007

Erasmus students striving for recognition

In 2006, only half of Erasmus students received full recognition for their studies abroad, suggesting the much-touted European Higher Education Area is far from ready.
Economy & Jobs 19-10-2006

Study: More international students opt for EU

An American Council on Education study shows that international students are turning to destinations such as the UK, Germany, France or Japan, rather than the United States.

New EU qualifications framework to enhance student and worker mobility

The European Qualifications Framework will increase learners' and workers' mobility by making national academic and professional qualifications more understandable across Europe.
Economy & Jobs 01-09-2006

French complain to Commission over Belgian student quota

The Belgian quota limiting the number of foreign, mainly French, students is being contested to the Commission as it is said to violate the EU principle on the right to student mobility.
Economy & Jobs 22-03-2006

Belgium set to limit number of French students

The government of the French-speaking community of Belgium is set to impose quotas for foreign students in some subjects, where, for example, 86% of places are currently filled by French students. Students have denounced this as a violation of their right to mobility.
Economy & Jobs 17-03-2006

New member states take full benefit of Erasmus programme

The EU's university exchange programme Erasmus has significantly boosted student exchanges and teacher mobility in the new member states.
Economy & Jobs 12-07-2005

Austria takes emergency measures for education in wake of ECJ ruling

Following an ECJ ruling on 7 July, the Austrian government has quickly taken steps to make sure that its universities do not collapse under the weight of German students queueing up for places on courses such as medicine and veterinary studies. 
Economy & Jobs 06-06-2005

Student mobility – a positive factor for the EU

This article in Revue Elargissement uses three key indicators to evaluate the progress made in the field of student mobility in Europe.
Economy & Jobs 16-03-2005

ECJ establishes EU-wide right for students to loans and grants

Reflecting that EU integration has moved on, the European Court of Justice has passed a landmark ruling asserting the right for students to obtain loans and grants in another member state in which they are "settled".
Economy & Jobs 27-02-2003

EU-wide students’ survey to be launched in March

The European Union Student Council (EUSC) will launch a Student Barometer in March-April 2003 to question students about their expectations of the planned European Area of Higher Education.
Economy & Jobs 28-01-2003

Student Convention to debate student mobility

From 20 to 23 February, around 150 national student representatives from across Europe will meet in Athens for the 5th European Student Convention to formulate input on student mobility in the frame of the Bologna process.