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Languages & Culture 22-06-2010

Record numbers take part in EU student mobility scheme

Record numbers of students are going abroad for university studies or company placements under the EU's Erasmus scheme, revealed new figures released by the European Commission yesterday (21 June). 
Languages & Culture 06-10-2009

EU mulls Erasmus reform to boost student mobility

Stakeholders are this week (5-6 October) gathering in Sweden to discuss reforming the EU's Erasmus student mobility programme to make going abroad to learn "the rule rather than the exception" for young people.
Economy & Jobs 19-10-2006

Study: More international students opt for EU

An American Council on Education study shows that international students are turning to destinations such as the UK, Germany, France or Japan, rather than the United States.
Economy & Jobs 17-03-2006

New member states take full benefit of Erasmus programme

The EU's university exchange programme Erasmus has significantly boosted student exchanges and teacher mobility in the new member states.