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Cities & regions 03-06-2022

European local and regional authorities call for bigger role in CoFoE follow-up

While the follow-up to the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) remains uncertain, local and regional authorities are calling on the EU to grant them a bigger role in the implementation of the citizens’ recommendations.
Climate change 08-10-2021

Six EU countries ‘strongly’ condemn Commission’s EU forest strategy

Forestry ministers of six EU countries strongly criticised the European Commission's forestry strategy following an informal meeting in Vienna this week, saying the Commission had not sufficiently respected the principle of subsidiarity. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Future EU 05-12-2017

Cattaneo: Brussels is a pied piper who forgot about diversity

The European Union must strengthen inter-parliamentary dialogue at national and above all regional level. Otherwise, it risks alienating even further European citizens who want a say in the decision making process, says Raffaele Cattaneo in an interview with EURACTIV.
Future EU 05-12-2017

National and regional parliaments bet on Timmermans’ task force to gain clout

A few weeks after the European Commission launched yet another task force to look at ways to improve legislative scrutiny, national and regional parliaments representatives mulled new ideas to put more flesh on subsidiarity.
Future EU 21-11-2016

Ex-Die Welt publisher: ‘Europe is complicated, but worth explaining’

European Union efforts to explain its raison d'être to citizens are hamstrung by the incapacity of its institutions to be open and flexible, German journalist Thomas Schmid told EURACTIV Poland.
Trade & Society 17-10-2016

Giegold MEP: Constitutional court CETA decision ‘balanced’ but concerns remain

Germany’s ruling parties champion the cause of proper subsidiarity when it suits them, but conveniently forget it when it comes to free trade, said Sven Giegold MEP, in an interview with EURACTIV Germany about CETA.

National parliaments invoke ‘yellow card’ in response to revised Posted Workers Directive

An attempt by the European Commission to revise the contentious Posted Workers directive is likely to fail, as the national parliaments of at least ten member states from Central and Eastern Europe are reported have used a yellow card to stop the legislation.
EU Priorities 2020 11-02-2016

Subsidiarity: The only way forward

The principle of subsidiarity should be understood as a means to strengthen regional and local political power. Tomasz Poreba discusses the problem of the misinterpretation of this key EU provision.
EU Priorities 2020 21-01-2016

Berlin slacks in exercising right to control Brussels

National parliaments are capable of influencing and even scrapping Brussels' projects. But a recent study has concluded that Berlin rarely exercises this right. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.
Agrifood 02-07-2015

German states draft bill for nationwide GMO ban

Five state governments in Germany are putting pressure on Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt, introducing a bill for a nationwide ban on GMOs instead of his “patchwork” proposal. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Michael Emerson
Brexit 11-06-2014

The UK has no interest in bringing back competences

There is a huge contradiction between Britain's Eurosceptic populism, and the evidence it claims supports repatriating EU powers, writes Michael Emerson.
Future EU 25-06-2013

Dutch ‘subsidiarity review’ strikes a chord with UK euro critics

The British government hailed yesterday (24 June) a move by the Netherlands to initiate a process in the EU aimed at slashing the number of areas covered by common EU policy and legislation. The European Commission said it would follow the debate and figure out what conclusions to draw from it.

Brussels drops plans for EU law limiting right to strike

The European Commission has withdrawn proposed legislation limiting workers’ right to strike, amid a furore from trade unions and EU lawmakers in Parliament who waived a "yellow card" to Brussels for stepping over national sovereignty.
Public Affairs 04-10-2010

MEP: European Parliament needs to be hub for national MPs

Following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, which grants national parliaments a bigger role in EU policymaking, MEPs are set to strengthen the cooperation between national and European members of Parliament by intensifying work among policy committees, said European Parliament vice-president Silvana Koch-Mehrin in an interview with EURACTIV.
Future EU 20-07-2010

Irish parliament seeks greater EU scrutiny powers

Taking their cue from the Lisbon Treaty, Irish MPs this month called for new scrutiny powers compelling the Dublin government to take their views into account before agreeing to new EU legislation.
Regional Policy 15-04-2010

EU ignoring regions’ Lisbon Treaty rights: Vienna mayor

National administrations and the European Commission are ignoring the regions' new right to shape EU decisions under the Lisbon Treaty, Mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl told EURACTIV in an interview.
EU Priorities 2020 09-05-2008

National parliaments prepare for bigger role in the EU

Members of parliament from across the EU, meeting in Brdo (Slovenia) on 7-8 May, have begun developing an embryonic strategy to deal with new provisions contained in the EU's Lisbon Treaty that would significantly increase their powers within the EU. 
Brexit 17-10-2006

UK poll: Businesses become Eurosceptic

Benefits of the single market are outweighed by the costs of implementing EU regulations, according to a new poll of UK-based CEOs.
Public Affairs 27-07-2006

Analysis: Europe needs a subsidiarity early-warning mechanism

Edmund Stoiber, Minister-President of Bavaria, writes in Europe's World's summer edition that a subsidiarity early warning mechanism would - along with an improved regulatory impact assessment system - constitute a major step towards a stronger, more competitive EU.
EU Priorities 2020 20-04-2006

EU seeks to counter fears of “creeping centralisation”

The Austrian Presidency has organised a conference to discuss how the EU can be brought closer to its citizens and what contributions regions, local authorities and national parliaments can make.
Regional Policy 13-04-2006

German government says it knows best what is good for growth

German economy minister Michael Glos challenges the Commission's powers to define which kinds of investments are relevant to the EU's Jobs and Growth strategy.
Future EU 08-04-2003

Convention in favour of co-decision for the budget procedure

A majority tendency in favour of applying co-decision to the budget procedure emerged from the Convention's debate of the Union's finances on 4 April.
Future EU 04-04-2003

Convention to address future EU finances

The 105-member Convention on the future of the Europe will debate the Union's finances on the second day of its plenary session on 4 April.
EU Elections 09 04-04-2003

Convention divided over proposal to create an EU public prosecutor

The Convention on the future of Europe debated the draft articles on the area of freedom, security and justice at its plenary session on 3 April. Whilst there was wide divergence of positions on the proposed creation of the European public prosecutor, most speakers supported the idea of setting up a European border guard.