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Global Europe 22-09-2016

Outsourcing European border security – ‘at the whim of foreign dictators’?

If Europe wants to stabilise itself against the relentless pressure of South-North migration — a must rather than an option now — taking matters into its own hands is the only sustainable way forward, argues Leopold Traugott.
Development Policy 24-08-2016

EU foreign policy risks fuelling displacement and terror

While the EU’s foreign policy recognises the importance of promoting peace and stability beyond its borders, it also emphasises the need to align development aid with strategic priorities. This is indicative of a wider risk, writes Kloe Tricot O’Farrell.
Development Policy 14-06-2016

The EU and Africa: a deal set to push more young people on to the boats

The new EU migration partnerships with African governments risk strengthening autocratic regimes and exacerbating violence, repression and corruption, argues Marije Balt.
Development Policy 11-05-2016

Protecting civilians in South Sudan in a time of war

Five years after winning a hard-fought battle for independence, South Sudan remains embroiled in a vicious civil war. Tragically, as is so often the case, the civilians are bearing the brunt of the violence and enduring years of hardship, writes David Derthick.
Global Europe 18-02-2016

Refugee children must be protected

At the EU summit that starts today (18 February), Europe’s leaders cannot fail child refugees. The freedoms and prosperity of the continent are on the line, writes Ester-Asin Martinez.
Development Policy 04-01-2016

Ethiopia makes progress on the Nile Dam project

By learning how to cooperate, Ethiopia may be one step closer to realising its dream of finishing construction on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, writes Stratfor, the global intelligence company.
Development Policy 19-04-2013

A shift in operations for Mali

As the mission in Mali shifts focus, the forces conducting the operations will shift with it, writes Statfor, a Texas-based global intelligence company.
Global Europe 15-07-2011

South Sudan: A new chapter begins

The recent independence of the Republic of South Sudan (9 July) marks a significant break in the history of Africa. European Union engagement with the young nation will be critical to resolving the region's difficulties, notably in terms of a food crisis, peace and ongoing problems in Darfur, argues Manuel Manrique.
Global Europe 13-01-2011

EU must not underwrite a failed South Sudan state

South Sudan's referendum on independence offers a potential for peace in the area, but many perils lie ahead and the EU has a role to play in the process, writes Oladiran Bello from Madrid-based think-tank FRIDE in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.  
Global Europe 09-04-2010

EU recalibrations can help avert Sudan disaster

Sudan's difficult political path in the next year will represent a big test for external actors in the country, including the European Union, writes Oladiran Bello from Madrid-based think-tank FRIDE.
Global Europe 10-09-2009

Sudan and European Ignorance

After decades of bloody conflict in Sudan, Europe is still applying double standards to Africa and does not recognise the right of the South Sudanese to decide their own future, wrote Savo Heleta, author of the book 'Not My Turn to Die: Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia', in a letter to EURACTIV. 

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