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Agrifood 07-03-2019

Commission dismisses criticism of EU sugar policy made in a post-Brexit study

A UK study setting recommendations for the country's post-Brexit trade and agriculture has challenged the EU's sugar policy of the last decade, saying it stimulated sugar over-production. The Commission stood up for its 2016-2017 sugar quota system and dismissed the claim as unfounded.
Agrifood 23-05-2018

European beet producers’ growing concerns over sugar prices

The end of sugar quotas coincides with the collapse of prices on the world market. This is currently more of a problem  for sugar refiners than sugar beet growers, who are still protected by contracts. EURACTIV.fr reports
Agrifood 04-04-2018

EU sugar companies struggle to survive as prices plunge post-quotas

European Union sugar companies have emerged from the cocoon of production quotas and are now fighting to survive in a fiercely competitive world market with prices and profits plunging.
Agrifood 02-10-2017

A sticky matter: Sugar molasses dent EU’s ambitions on advanced biofuels

Sugar molasses, which the European Commission sees as "advanced" biofuel, present many of the same problems as conventional biofuels – including a potential increase in food prices and land competition for food production. But their definition as biofuels keeps the sugar industry happy, EURACTIV.com has learned.
Reunion island
Agrifood 29-04-2015

EU sugar glut, tariff sour the cane versus beet contest

A sugar glut in Europe threatens the closure of some cane refineries and drives a deeper wedge between winners and losers in a sharply divided industry.
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Competition 09-05-2014

France concerned about liberalisation of EU sugar market

The deregulation of the European sugar market is looming. A French parliamentary report has requested support to French overseas departments where the sugar sector is fragile. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 03-10-2013

Food and drink firms urged to crack down on sugar ‘land grabs’

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Associated British Foods and other global food and beverage companies are being urged to establish a zero-tolerance policy on land grabs.
Agrifood 21-02-2013

Sugar lobbying intensifies ahead of EU vote

Food and beverage companies have lined up against a proposal to extend the EU's current sugar quota regime. A vote in the European Parliament is scheduled for March, and the Irish Presidency of the EU is hoping to reach a deal in June.
Agrifood 23-06-2005

Sugar proposal gets sweet and sour reactions

EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel published, on 22 June 2005, a proposal for a far-reaching shift in EU sugar funding. 
Agrifood 01-10-2003

CAP deal approved by Farm Ministers, debate on Mediterranean reform taking off

On 29 September, the Agriculture Council approved the first steps of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and started an informal debate on further measures on tobacco, olive oil, cotton and sugar.

New CSR code of conduct for the sugar industry from 2004

CEFS and EFFAT, the social partners of the European sugar industry, have signed a code of conduct setting minimum CSR standards. The code of conduct is to take effect from 1 January 2004.
Trade & Society 23-08-2002

EU accused of sugar regime “scam”

A British development charity, Oxfam, has accused the EU of a sugar regime "scam" at the expense of some of the world's poorest countries.

Commission presents new BSE and FMD measures to Agriculture Council

Commission announces new BSE measures and indicates intentions to present new Directive on measures to fight against foot and mouth
Enlargement 22-05-2001

Sugar and beef plans top Agriculture Council agenda

EU agriculture minister meeting to focus on reforms to the beef and sugar markets
Agrifood 25-04-2001

Controversial sugar regime reform decision postponed

EU farm ministers postpone decision on reform of sugar regime until their next meeting in mid-May