About: sugar quota

Agrifood 23-05-2018

European beet producers’ growing concerns over sugar prices

The end of sugar quotas coincides with the collapse of prices on the world market. This is currently more of a problem  for sugar refiners than sugar beet growers, who are still protected by contracts. EURACTIV.fr reports
Agrifood 04-04-2018

EU sugar companies struggle to survive as prices plunge post-quotas

European Union sugar companies have emerged from the cocoon of production quotas and are now fighting to survive in a fiercely competitive world market with prices and profits plunging.
Agrifood 04-03-2013

Sugar quota feeds bitter debate ahead of CAP vote

The European Commission’s sugar management committee has authorised the import of 584,000 tonnes of white sugar since January, nearly half the amount the EU is projected to approve this year, adding fuel to calls for the EU to scrap its longstanding protection of the domestic sugar market.

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