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Agrifood 12-02-2020

New study provides ‘robust evidence’ that sugar tax effective health measure

Soft drinks manufacturers in the UK have lowered the sugar levels in their drinks after the government introduced the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) in April 2018 to help combat childhood obesity and related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, researchers have found.
Agrifood 07-03-2019

Commission dismisses criticism of EU sugar policy made in a post-Brexit study

A UK study setting recommendations for the country's post-Brexit trade and agriculture has challenged the EU's sugar policy of the last decade, saying it stimulated sugar over-production. The Commission stood up for its 2016-2017 sugar quota system and dismissed the claim as unfounded.
Health 14-09-2018

Childhood obesity: Food education more important than regulation, parents say

Education about balanced diets brings tangible results according to the vending machines lobby, while parental organisations say lawmakers should insist on good habits to tackle childhood obesity, rather than regulation.
Health 13-09-2018

Product reformulation a success in Ireland, industry says

Product reformulation, rather than taxes, has brought tangible results for public health, according to Food Drink Ireland (FDI), the main trade association for the food and drink industry.
Agrifood 23-05-2018

European beet producers’ growing concerns over sugar prices

The end of sugar quotas coincides with the collapse of prices on the world market. This is currently more of a problem  for sugar refiners than sugar beet growers, who are still protected by contracts. EURACTIV.fr reports
Agrifood 04-04-2018

EU sugar companies struggle to survive as prices plunge post-quotas

European Union sugar companies have emerged from the cocoon of production quotas and are now fighting to survive in a fiercely competitive world market with prices and profits plunging.
Economy & Jobs 13-11-2017

Mercosur and Mexico trade agreements: The quest for a sugar fix

There is intensive lobbying by European sugar beet growers against the prospect of widening of EU quotas for non-EU cane sugar as part of ongoing bilateral free trade negotiations. Yet it might only be a matter of time until the EU allows more import of cane sugar from outside the bloc.
Agrifood 06-09-2017

Manufacturers to withdraw soft drinks from EU schools from 2018

Europe’s soft drinks industry has announced it will stop selling sugary beverages in all schools in the European Union from late 2018. Health campaigners have welcomed the move but said more needs to be done to promote healthy eating in schools.
Agrifood 23-06-2017

Soft drink makers back product reformulation as ‘healthier’ than taxation

Governments can steer consumers towards healthier choices by supporting the reformulation of food ingredients, rather than imposing "discriminatory" taxes, according to the soft drinks industry.
Health 06-09-2016

Paris to tackle obesity with junk food tax

France is raising the tax on all high calorie foods in an attempt to tackle its increasing weight problem. EURACTIV's partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.
Development Policy 04-05-2016

Cracks appear in EU-ACP unity at Cotonou meeting in Dakar

Dissent was heard at the high-level meeting in Dakar last week of the EU and the 79-member states of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group.
Baby food
Agrifood 21-01-2016

MEPs clash over baby food

A split European Parliament on Wednesday (20 January) rejected the draft EU rules which allow baby foods to provide 30% of their energy from sugar.
Health 07-01-2016

Studies find reducing sugary drinks cuts calories, but only a few

Studies from Britain and Mexico suggest reducing sugar in sweetened drinks or taxing it more to cut consumption can help people limit their calorie intake and lower their risk of developing diabetes, but not by much.
Health 23-10-2015

Study: The amount of sugar in drinks varies widely in the EU

The sugar amount in two of the exact same sodas can vary hugely depending on where in Europe the soft drinks are bought, according to a study by Action on Sugar.  
Reunion island
Agrifood 29-04-2015

EU sugar glut, tariff sour the cane versus beet contest

A sugar glut in Europe threatens the closure of some cane refineries and drives a deeper wedge between winners and losers in a sharply divided industry.
Health 06-03-2015

WHO: Cut sugar intake to fight obesity and tooth decay

Adults and children must cut the amount of sugar they consume every day in fizzy drinks and sweet foods to lower their risk of obesity and tooth decay, the World Health Organisation has said.
Vending Machine at a Hospital in Maryland, USA on May 15, 2013. [Photo: Shutterstock]
Agrifood 28-07-2014

‘Fat taxes’ do work, EU report finds

Specific taxes on sugar, salt or fat do cause reductions in consumption, the European Commission found in a new report. But higher taxes may also merely encourage consumers to go for cheaper products, it warned.
Health 10-02-2014

Researchers find direct link between sugar and cardiovascular disease

A high sugar diet greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease regardless of body weight, according to a new study by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Agrifood 15-03-2013

Sugar mounds and wine lakes? Not likely, quota advocates say

Butter mountains and milk lakes. Those were the images invoked in the European Parliament this week by opponents of extending vineyard planting limits and protections for sugar beet farmers.
Agrifood 21-02-2013

Sugar lobbying intensifies ahead of EU vote

Food and beverage companies have lined up against a proposal to extend the EU's current sugar quota regime. A vote in the European Parliament is scheduled for March, and the Irish Presidency of the EU is hoping to reach a deal in June.
Agrifood 09-11-2012

Commission plans to boost sugar supplies

The European Commission plans to propose steps to increase the EU's sugar supplies in the face of dwindling stocks and a growing gap between domestic and global prices.
Agrifood 27-07-2012

Sweetener groups line up against EU sugar quota extension

Shortages of refined sugar that have forced the European Commission to temporarily ease its sugar regime are giving industry groups new ammunition in their fight against efforts to extend the EU’s production quota.
Trade & Society 25-11-2005

EU settles on sugar price cuts

EU agriculture ministers have reached agreement on controversial reforms of the sugar regime. 
Trade & Society 22-11-2005

Sugar reform vital for WTO success, says Commissioner Fischer Boel

As farm ministers meet in Brussels on 22 November, Agriculture Commissioner Fischer Boel has called for backing for her proposals for reform of the EU sugar regime.