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Transport 02-09-2016

Study: Shipping air pollution causes 24,000 deaths a year in east Asia

A boom in shipping is aggravating air pollution in China and other nations in east Asia, causing thousands of deaths a year in a region with eight of the world’s ten biggest container ports, scientists have said.
Climate change 02-10-2015

Air quality at a crossroads

Improving the EU’s poor air quality requires stricter regulation and significant investment. But the long term health benefits must outweigh financial concerns, argues Bert Brunekreef.
Climate change 12-09-2012

MEPs OK law on cutting sulphur content in shipping fuels

The European Parliament has approved legislation to slash sulphur levels in shipping fuels, a move environmentalists say will help prevent thousands of deaths linked to maritime pollution.
Transport 21-08-2012

Marine fuel rules could cost billions, analysts say

A European crackdown on pollution from ships will require billions worth of investment by shipping firms on filter technology and by refineries on upgrades to produce cleaner fuels - burdens the industries say they can ill afford.
Energy 24-05-2012

Europe tackles sulphur emissions from ships

EU governments on Wednesday agreed on legislation to limit the maximum sulphur content of shipping fuels that will come into effect in Europe at the end of the decade.
Transport 16-02-2012

MEPs’ push for tougher marine fuels rules in doubt

Efforts by MEPs to extend restrictions on sulphur-emitting fuels in cargo and passenger ships is shaping up to be the most contested part of emerging EU legislation to meet international obligations on reducing a leading source of coastal pollution.