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Future EU 18-10-2019

Differences between Merkel and Macron are slight but real

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave their views on Europe in their concluding remarks at the end of the European Council Summit on Friday 18 October. Although they attempted to show a united front on EU issues, differences persisted. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 19-06-2019

How to pick the next saviour of the euro

EU leaders will try to pick the new European Central Bank president on Thursday evening (20 June), in times when further monetary flexibility is becoming more likely, but EU officials and diplomats have warned against politicising the election of Mario Draghi's successor.
Energy 17-03-2016

German-Polish spat threatened summit backing for Paris Agreement

EXCLUSIVE / A spat between Germany and Poland almost derailed plans for European Union leaders to call for the swift signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change at today’s summit in Brussels.

Timmermans: Failure on EU-Turkey deal will turn Greece into refugee camp

Failure to agree a deal with Turkey at today’s summit on migration will condemn Greece to becoming the refugee camp of Europe, Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans warned on Wednesdays (16 March).
Security 09-03-2016

EU parliament slams ‘sultan’ Erdogan on Turkey deal

European Parliament lawmakers accused the EU Wednesday of giving Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the "keys to the gates of Europe" through a migration crisis deal with Ankara.
Digital & Media 25-10-2013

Data protection rules delayed at EU summit talks

SPECIAL REPORT / France and Germany responded to escalating rows over espionage by the US by announcing a review of security relations to be completed by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the adoption of a proposed EU data protection regulation was delayed until 2015.
EU Priorities 2020 22-05-2013

Van Rompuy seeks tax compromise by imposing deadline

A proposal by European Council President Herman Van Rompuy to fight tax evasion, heralded in draft conclusions to today’s EU summit, will seek to maintain momentum on the EU savings directive by asking leaders to agree the initiative by the end of the year.

EU staff strike against Cameron’s ‘petty polemics’ on budget

EU staff members went on strike on Wednesday (21 November) to protest against proposals to axe €80 billion from the EU's proposed budget for the period 2014-2020. The protest was especially targeted at British Prime Minister David Cameron's role in the negotiation, ahead of a special EU summit dedicated to the bloc's long-term budget.

EU staff to strike over budget cuts, threaten to hit summit

Thousands of staff members working at the EU institutions are expected to go on strike in Brussels today (8 November) to protest against potential budget cuts. If unsuccessful, unions plan another strike during the EU summit later this month.

Leaders eye patent breakthrough at EU summit

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy is poised to broker a deal over the stalled European patent at an EU summit starting tomorrow (28 June) in Brussels. EURACTIV Italy reports from Rome on the possible breakthrough.
Euro & Finance 24-05-2012

Sweden’s Reinfeldt warns EU against ‘creative accounting’

Ahead of yesterday's EU summit, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt criticised both the 'project bonds' and the 'Eurobonds' that were put forward as a way to relaunch the European economy.
Future EU 23-05-2012

Fault lines at EU leaders’ dinner for growth

The informal summit for growth tonight [24 May] has been widely touted as a showdown between the ‘austerity’ policies advocated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the 'growth agenda' of newly elected French President François Hollande. EURACTIV's network reports.
Euro & Finance 20-01-2012

New draft compact handcuffs Ireland

The latest draft of the fiscal compact - which we reveal here - includes a new clause compelling countries to ratify the pact or face losing lines of bailout cash as a penalty.  
Euro & Finance 16-12-2011

Forum in December, summit in January to draft new treaty

A forum with around 100 delegates is likely to be convened before the end of the year to debate the proposed new intergovernmental treaty – to be signed by all EU member states apart from the UK – EURACTIV has learned.
Euro & Finance 13-12-2011

Brussels to handle new treaty provisions, says Rehn

Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn yesterday (12 December) brushed aside the possibility of UK legal threats and warned the City of London that it could not avoid EU financial regulation as a result of the UK veto of a last week's summit deal.
Climate change 10-12-2010

Cancún summit delegates battle clock for climate deal

Delegates from 193 nations are struggling to strike a deal on steps to fight global warming before the UN Cancún climate conference's scheduled deadline of Friday 10 December. If they fail, it will herald a damaging setback for the multilateral process after the Copenhagen summit ended in disarray last year.
Brexit 28-09-2009

Barroso concerned by slow G20 progress

Last week's G20 summit forged the broadest of agreements in the shape of a "framework" but cast out specific EU-proposed measures intended to penalise and regulate financial markets.
Brexit 23-09-2009

Ideological divides to rule G20

In the run-up to the G20, the prospects for an ambitious co-ordinated response to the crisis have been hampered by national governments on both sides of the Atlantic pursuing "parochial" domestic policies, experts said.
Euro & Finance 01-09-2009

EU leaders pledge action on bonuses at G20

EU leaders took aim at the banking sector yesterday (31 August), pledging to check banks' power and push for limits on bonus payments at a G20 summit later this month.
EU Priorities 2020 28-05-2009

Czechs to push for Barroso re-appointment in June

The Czech Republic is pushing for a clear decision on the next Commission president at the EU summit in June, Czech EU Affairs Minister Štefan Füle told EURACTIV.cz in an interview, stressing that his government would "not deviate" from the previous government's intention to support incumbent José Manuel Barroso.
Euro & Finance 16-10-2008

Summit backs common EU response to crisis

The bank bail-out guidelines agreed by the eurozone countries and the UK in Paris last Sunday were endorsed by all 27 EU member states during the first day of the European summit in Brussels. Leaders also agreed to review the rules governing global capitalism and to strengthen cross-border supervision of banks.
Future EU 14-12-2007

‘Mini summit’ turns EU spotlight onto new challenges

After having signed off the new Lisbon Treaty, EU leaders are in Brussels to discuss setting up a new 'reflection group' to deal with long-term issues, the EU's approach to globalisation and the future of the Western Balkans.
Global Europe 14-12-2007

All eyes on Kosovo at Brussels EU summit

After having arrived in Brussels following yesterday's signing ceremony for the new EU treaty in Lisbon, European leaders are seeking to reach a common position on the future status of Kosovo.
Future EU 28-06-2007

MEPs hail Merkel’s Reform Treaty success

The European Parliament gave a broadly positive verdict on the Reform Treaty deal struck by the German Presidency at the EU Summit on 21-23 June.