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Global Europe 11-03-2016

Three questions on the draft EU-Turkey agreement on Syrian refugees

Potentially a 'momentous' deal, argues Solon Ardittis, but the EU-Turkey agreement on a refugee swap  must pass some serious legal hurdles first.
Central Asia 20-12-2012

How a Nobel Peace Prize winner should approach Putin

The European Union - winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize - should take a strong stand against the ongoing destruction of civil society in Russia at the summit with Vladimir Putin,  write Adam Bodnar and Dominika Bychawska-Siniarska.
Competition 26-11-2012

Europe’s competitiveness gap: Never waste a good crisis

To avoid a lost decade for the competitiveness of the European economy, EU leaders will need to summon the same energy they used to prevent a catastrophic economic meltdown, say Carl Björkman and Guillaume Amigues.
Global Europe 23-11-2012

Ukrainian corruption overcomes European bureaucracy

The simple expectation from the Ukrainian authorities that the EU won't let Ukraine transformation into a new Belarus allows the current Ukrainian administration to manipulate the position of official Brussels in favour of itself, says Viktor Tkachuk.
EU Priorities 2020 22-11-2012

Rising poverty and unemployment: Discarded priorities of the EU budget

After more than two years of campaigning for a social pillar in the EU budget, the proposals made last week are extremely disappointing and worrying, writes Pierre Baussand.
EU Priorities 2020 06-04-2009

NATO shadow summit: Moral, muscular, multilateral

"Amidst the hoopla over 60th birthday parties, there is a crying need to involve citizens in determining what NATO should stand for," wrote Gerald Loftus, a former diplomat, on his blog after a two-day 'NATO shadow summit'.
EU Priorities 2020 19-12-2008

Assessing the French EU Presidency

"[French] President [Nicholas] Sarkozy has shown how important and useful for all it is to have a strong and stable leadership for the Union," argue the contributors to a European Policy Centre (EPC) commentary on the outcome of the outgoing French EU Presidency.
EU Priorities 2020 23-10-2008

Analysing the October European Council

"While the 15-16 October European Council agreed on the financial rescue package, they displayed growing disunity over the energy and climate package," according to the European Policy Centre's (EPC) post-summit analysis.
Future EU 22-06-2007

A way out of the EU’s Constitutional dilemma

Those member states who supported the original Constitutional Treaty (CT) should demand a radical revision of the current treaty amendment procedure in return for their readiness to compromise in the forthcoming intergovernmental conference (IGC), writes Janis A. Emmanouilidis of the Centre for Applied Policy Research (CAP) in a June 2007 paper.
Future EU 21-06-2007

CEPS proposal on weighting votes in the Council

A double-majority system with a safety clause could overcome Poland's request for a square root voting system in the Council, claim Daniel Gros, Sebastian Kurpas and Mika Widgren in a June 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Future EU 19-06-2007

Risks and opportunities of an EU institutional relaunch

According to Jean-Louis Quermonne, professor at the Instituts d'Etudes Politiques in Grenoble and Paris, the risks of failure of an institutional relaunch - or a watered-down agreement - are numerous.