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  • Forum in December, summit in January to draft new treaty

    News | Euro & Finance 16-12-2011

    A forum with around 100 delegates is likely to be convened before the end of the year to debate the proposed new intergovernmental treaty – to be signed by all EU member states apart from the UK – EURACTIV has learned.

  • Brussels to handle new treaty provisions, says Rehn

    News | Euro & Finance 13-12-2011

    Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn yesterday (12 December) brushed aside the possibility of UK legal threats and warned the City of London that it could not avoid EU financial regulation as a result of the UK veto of a last week's summit deal.

  • Cancún summit delegates battle clock for climate deal

    News | Climate change 10-12-2010

    Delegates from 193 nations are struggling to strike a deal on steps to fight global warming before the UN Cancún climate conference's scheduled deadline of Friday 10 December. If they fail, it will herald a damaging setback for the multilateral process after the Copenhagen summit ended in disarray last year.

  • Barroso concerned by slow G20 progress

    News | Brexit 28-09-2009

    Last week's G20 summit forged the broadest of agreements in the shape of a "framework" but cast out specific EU-proposed measures intended to penalise and regulate financial markets.

  • Ideological divides to rule G20

    News | Brexit 23-09-2009

    In the run-up to the G20, the prospects for an ambitious co-ordinated response to the crisis have been hampered by national governments on both sides of the Atlantic pursuing "parochial" domestic policies, experts said.

  • EU leaders pledge action on bonuses at G20

    News | Euro & Finance 01-09-2009

    EU leaders took aim at the banking sector yesterday (31 August), pledging to check banks' power and push for limits on bonus payments at a G20 summit later this month.

  • Czechs to push for Barroso re-appointment in June

    News | EU Priorities 2020 28-05-2009

    The Czech Republic is pushing for a clear decision on the next Commission president at the EU summit in June, Czech EU Affairs Minister Štefan Füle told EURACTIV.cz in an interview, stressing that his government would "not deviate" from the previous government's intention to support incumbent José Manuel Barroso.

  • Czech minister: ‘Time is tight, but we’ll deliver’

    Interview | EU Priorities 2020 27-05-2009

    "We have climbed on board an express train, but we have no doubt about the train reaching the end of the line on time with a maximum number of goals achieved," Czech EU Affairs Minister Štefan Füle told EURACTIV.cz in an interview, referring to his country's stint at the EU helm.

  • NATO shadow summit: Moral, muscular, multilateral

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 06-04-2009

    "Amidst the hoopla over 60th birthday parties, there is a crying need to involve citizens in determining what NATO should stand for," wrote Gerald Loftus, a former diplomat, on his blog after a two-day 'NATO shadow summit'.

  • Assessing the French EU Presidency

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 19-12-2008

    "[French] President [Nicholas] Sarkozy has shown how important and useful for all it is to have a strong and stable leadership for the Union," argue the contributors to a European Policy Centre (EPC) commentary on the outcome of the outgoing French EU Presidency.

  • Analysing the October European Council

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 23-10-2008

    "While the 15-16 October European Council agreed on the financial rescue package, they displayed growing disunity over the energy and climate package," according to the European Policy Centre's (EPC) post-summit analysis.

  • Summit backs common EU response to crisis

    News | Euro & Finance 16-10-2008

    The bank bail-out guidelines agreed by the eurozone countries and the UK in Paris last Sunday were endorsed by all 27 EU member states during the first day of the European summit in Brussels. Leaders also agreed to review the rules governing global capitalism and to strengthen cross-border supervision of banks.

  • ‘Mini summit’ turns EU spotlight onto new challenges

    News | Future EU 14-12-2007

    After having signed off the new Lisbon Treaty, EU leaders are in Brussels to discuss setting up a new 'reflection group' to deal with long-term issues, the EU's approach to globalisation and the future of the Western Balkans.

  • All eyes on Kosovo at Brussels EU summit

    News | Global Europe 14-12-2007

    After having arrived in Brussels following yesterday's signing ceremony for the new EU treaty in Lisbon, European leaders are seeking to reach a common position on the future status of Kosovo.

  • MEPs hail Merkel’s Reform Treaty success

    News | Future EU 28-06-2007

    The European Parliament gave a broadly positive verdict on the Reform Treaty deal struck by the German Presidency at the EU Summit on 21-23 June.

  • Brussels plays down EU Treaty competition fears

    News | Competition 27-06-2007

    Changes to the EU's forthcoming Treaty, pushed through by French President Nicolas Sarkozy during the Summit, will not have significant implications for the EU's free-market policy according to Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, who sought to allay fears of increased protectionism in Europe.

  • EU Treaty deal meets praise and criticism

    News | Future EU 25-06-2007

    The deal clinched at the EU Summit on institutional reform was praised by most EU leaders, but also met with criticism from pro-Europeans, as well as Eurosceptics.

  • Summit seals mandate for EU ‘Reform Treaty’

    News | Future EU 23-06-2007

    European Union leaders clinched an agreement in the early hours on Saturday (23 June) to reform the EU's creaking institutions in a complex compromise which introduces a two-step delay in new Council voting rights vehemently resisted by Poland.

  • ‘Tough negotiations’ dragging on at EU Treaty Summit

    News | Future EU 22-06-2007

    Following a number of bilateral talks and round table meetings, diplomats were hopeful to reach an agreement among EU leaders on a 'Reform Treaty' on 22 June. However, key elements remained uncertain as the Summit promises to bring another late night of discussion.

  • EU Treaty in the balance at Brussels Summit

    News | Future EU 22-06-2007

    EU leaders were scrambling to reach agreement over a draft mandate for institutional reform at a summit on 22 June. A Polish veto threat over voting rights in the Council and British 'red lines' on labour law, justice and other issues remained the main obstacles on the way to a deal.

  • A way out of the EU’s Constitutional dilemma

    Opinion | Future EU 22-06-2007

    Those member states who supported the original Constitutional Treaty (CT) should demand a radical revision of the current treaty amendment procedure in return for their readiness to compromise in the forthcoming intergovernmental conference (IGC), writes Janis A. Emmanouilidis of the Centre for Applied Policy Research (CAP) in a June 2007 paper.

  • CEPS proposal on weighting votes in the Council

    Opinion | Future EU 21-06-2007

    A double-majority system with a safety clause could overcome Poland's request for a square root voting system in the Council, claim Daniel Gros, Sebastian Kurpas and Mika Widgren in a June 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

  • Public support for EU project hits a high

    News | EU Priorities 2020 21-06-2007

    Some 66% of Europeans - and 69% of Poles - want a Constitution to be adopted, according to a Eurobarometer survey, published hours before a decisive Brussels summit. However, British citizens remain highly critical of the EU.

  • Risks and opportunities of an EU institutional relaunch

    Opinion | Future EU 19-06-2007

    According to Jean-Louis Quermonne, professor at the Instituts d'Etudes Politiques in Grenoble and Paris, the risks of failure of an institutional relaunch - or a watered-down agreement - are numerous.