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Transport 15-06-2022

Make electric vehicles comply with safety and sustainability demands

CITA strongly believes that for electric vehicles to play out their full potential in terms of achieving sustainable and safe mobility while ensuring user acceptance over time, the Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) remains essential and needs to be quickly adapted for EVs.
Technology 04-04-2022

Digital transition could be risk or opportunity for climate says UN official

Sustainability should be integrated into the digital transition to avoid inadvertently accelerating the climate crisis, according to a UN official. 
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Biofuels 22-03-2022

New state-of-the-art waste-based and advanced biodiesel plant will significantly contribute to transport decarbonization goals in Central and Eastern European region

In a move to further strengthen its commitment to fight climate change and deliver a more circular economy, the Envien Group has constructed a multi-waste and residues-based biodiesel plant at its integrated biodiesel site in Komárom, Hungary operated by Rossi Biofuel Zrt.
Agrifood 14-03-2022

EU urged to ban all imports linked to deforestation

Brazilian environmental groups urged the European Union on Monday to pass aggressive legislation banning all imports linked to deforestation, criticizing "gaps" in a draft bill.
Agrifood 08-02-2022

Lawmakers, stakeholders mull over food production impact of EU green goals

While the debate over potential productivity losses due to the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy continues, lawmakers remain split on the implications of studies on the matter.
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Agrifood 25-01-2022

Specialty food ingredients: Innovating to meet consumer needs

Delivering nutritional, technological and health benefits, specialty food ingredients play a key role in the creation of safe, nutritious, tasty and convenient food and drink products.
Health 25-01-2022

Dutch beer maker enters fight against plastic in UK football

As the football industry continues to grapple with the financial implications of the pandemic, the Dutch beer maker Heineken has reignited the fight against plastic in UK leagues.
France's Foreign Trade Minister Franck Riester in the Europa building of the EU Council in Brussels
Economy & Jobs 25-01-2022

Lawmakers criticise French EU Presidency for inaction on trade

Trade minister Franck Riester faced criticism in the European Parliament on Monday (24 January) for the "glamorous silence" of the French EU Council presidency when it comes to free trade agreements.
Economy & Jobs 24-01-2022

An EU trade policy for true change on the ground

If we want EU trade policy to become truly sustainable before the end of this legislature, the Commission and the Council need to step up their game, a group of MEPs write, presenting their New Year’s resolution to contribute to global fairness.
Health 19-01-2022

New Bundesliga CEO faces COVID-19 challenges amid sustainability push

For one of the world’s largest football leagues, 2022 has been the stage of massive changes: the Bundesliga finally has a new CEO, Donata Hopfen, who must now tackle the massive tasks that await it.
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Economy & Jobs 10-01-2022

Sustainability disclosure: no longer about the why, it’s about the how

Sustainability issues are not stagnant, they evolve continuously and vary across different sectors. As a result, sustainability-related financial disclosure must incorporate industry-specific standards which can evolve to remain effective.
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Energy 21-12-2021

Groupama Arena promotes sustainability in Budapest

In recent years, we have seen several stadiums  implement specific guidelines to make their stadiums more and more sustainable. In Europe, the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam is a pioneer when it comes to promoting sustainability and becoming carbon neutral. 
Health 15-12-2021

Sustainability core requirement for German Bundesliga

It is the start of a new era in German football: a female chief at the helm of one of the largest European football leagues and mandatory sustainability criteria for the 36 biggest German clubs.
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Economy & Jobs 29-11-2021

Discover FIEC Annual Report 2021!

Discover our main activities underlying the importance of FIEC as the MAIN VOICE of the Construction sector to find appropriate solutions #Sustainability #Recovery #Renovation
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Energy 29-11-2021

The Energy balance and the thermal properties of glazing

To ensure a proper assessment of the energy performance of windows, heat gains (g-value) have to be considered and balanced with heat losses (u-value), to both minimize heating demand and limit cooling needs. This is the energy balance of windows.
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5 Areas of Improvement in the CBAM proposal

Because of the aluminium industry’s unique challenges, the current Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) proposal will not contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions across our sector, but will accelerate the investment and employment leakage trend European industries have experienced over the past decades.
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Want to achieve circularity of beverage packaging? Wider roll-out of Deposit Refund Systems is a very good option

Natural Mineral Waters Europe, UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe and Zero Waste Europe see  Deposit Refund Systems (DRS) as a very efficient waste collection method to achieve a truly circular economy for beverage packaging.
Health 27-10-2021

Swedish football fans and sustainability

The Swedish Football Association and LIFE TACKLE partner, interviewed a number of Swedish football fans to bring to light their own understanding of sustainability in sport, and what this means to them.
Health 21-10-2021

Swedish football and sustainability

Magdalena Eriksson shares her thoughts about how football can contribute to sustainability initiatives.
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Sustainable infrastructure must be the core of the energy transition

Sustainable infrastructure is a core element in reaching climate neutrality. The Fit for 55 package is a major step in the right direction, but more can be done to unleash the full potential of infrastructure systems.
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Agrifood 15-10-2021

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

There is an urgent need for a harmonised framework on corporate communications around product sustainability, and the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol welcomes the EU’s efforts to drive greater sustainability in global supply chains, including in the textiles sector.
Health 13-10-2021

English football league launches environmental sustainability scheme

The English football league (EFL) announced Monday (11 October) that it would join forces with the environmental accreditation scheme GreenCode to make the second-highest league in England more sustainable.

10 EU countries back nuclear power in EU green finance taxonomy

“Nuclear power must be part of the solution” to the climate crisis and the rise in energy prices, according to a group of 10 EU countries led by France and Poland who signed a joint opinion article published across major European newspapers on Monday (11 October).
Climate change 08-10-2021

Six EU countries ‘strongly’ condemn Commission’s EU forest strategy

Forestry ministers of six EU countries strongly criticised the European Commission's forestry strategy following an informal meeting in Vienna this week, saying the Commission had not sufficiently respected the principle of subsidiarity. EURACTIV Germany reports.