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Agrifood 16-09-2020

Sustainability in livestock farming is a matter of balance

Sustainability is a balancing act. This goes for every sector, but none more so than the livestock sector, one of Europe’s key focus areas in the EU Green Deal. Roxane Feller is the Secretary-General of AnimalhealthEurope. Repeating comments by Germany’s...
Climate change 27-03-2019

MEPs must shun calls to weaken curbs on environmental and human rights abuses

MEPs face a crucial decision. Will they take heed of the global outcry from the climate strikes, or will they water down key financial regulation to tackle environmental and human rights abuses, ask Rachel Owens and Lis Cunha.
Economy & Jobs 09-06-2017

Commission must double efforts towards a sustainable financial system

Robust and binding criteria are needed to build sustainable capital markets or we risk that both national legislators and financial investors simply ignore their investment’s impact, or revert to greenwashing, writes Anne van Schaik.

Looking at environmental performance across the supply chain

The environmental impact of business activity is often mistakenly limited to the direct operations of companies. In reality, it is the environmental performance of the supply chain as a whole that needs to be looked into, writes Christian Ewert.

Rethinking debt, redefining development

Europe cannot build healthy societies and vibrant economies on a degraded and diminished ‘natural capital’ as this ecological debt would ultimately lead to its demise, writes Demetres Karavellas.
Climate change 30-05-2016

How cities are using the green economy to solve Europe’s employment crisis

Green Week opens today with a focus on greener cities: how can we make our cities more sustainable and liveable, asks Anna Lisa Boni.
Energy 24-05-2016

The EU needs bioenergy – and it must be sustainable

Over the past few months, tense debates on the sustainability of biomass used for energy production have arisen. Most stakeholders seem to agree on one point: we need an EU policy to ensure the sustainability of biomass, writes Harri Laurikka.
Climate change 21-03-2016

Why Sustainable Finance Holds the Key to Europe’s Recovery

There is an urgent need to channel capital into sustainable infrastructure and innovation that will drive job creation. The race is on leading the way in sustainable finance between Europe and the rest of the world, writes Achim Steiner.

Sustainability must become a financial imperative

In Brussels, we focus on top down policy solutions to drive sustainable development. Meanwhile armies of sustainability champions are building change from the bottom up, even within the European Commission itself, writes Joanna Sullivan.
Climate change 15-12-2014

Withdrawal of the circular economy package: A missed opportunity for sustainable growth

It will be a missed opportunity if the European Commission were to drop the Circular Economy package from its 2015 Work Programme, writes Erik Bouts.

Environmental misgivings: why Parliament should reject the Juncker Commission

The proposed new structure of the European Commission sidelines sustainability issues and risks undoing years of environmental legislation, writes Tony Long.

An unsustainable refugee crisis

Few issues polarise public opinion more than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Whether it's Europe, or the United States, the problem is the same. One of the main reasons why is the ongoing crisis of what to do with the descendants of the 700,000 plus refugees, created by the first Arab-Israeli war, in 1948. Spread around the world, their numbers today exceed 5 million.

Policies must do more to support sustainable biomass

Biomass is playing an increasingly important role in the EU’s low carbon economy, but we are running out of time to ensure that policies support rather than prevent its sustainable use, says Dr Matthew Aylott.
Climate change 10-02-2011

Sustainable business is good business

A new mindset is emerging in the business world, where company bosses are realising that sustainable business plans are not just good for the climate but for their firms too, writes Connie Hedegaard, EU commissioner for climate action, in a post-Davos commentary.
Climate change 03-10-2007

Sustainability and the bio-economy

The growth in demand for grain to fuel the ethanol industry has prompted US farmers to increase their corn acreage by 19% over the last year, writes Nadya Anscombe for the Environmental Research Web.
Euro & Finance 03-09-2007

How to make the euro more sustainable

Close examination of the inflation and output performance of eurozone member states reveals "inherent problems" with the euro that could threaten its long-term existence, claims Mike Wickens of the University of York in a June 2007 paper for EuroIntelligence.

An Agenda for Sustainable Growth in Europe

This paper by the Growth Task Force of the European Policy Centre presents a comprehensive analysis on how to achieve long-term sustainable growth in Europe. The paper argues that economic growth is not an end in itself. Rather, economic growth is there to serve a greater ambition: the creation and maintenance of a vibrant, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable European society.
Digital 29-11-2004

The Future Impact of ICTs on Environmental Sustainability

This study by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (part of the Joint Research Centre - European Commission) explores (qualitatively) and assesses (quantitatively) the way that ICTs will influence environmental sustainability between now and 2020. It concludes that ICTs can reinforce positive effects on the environment or, on the contrary, worsen the situation.

Ten Do-s and Don’t-s for Sustainable Growth in Europe

This EPC paper presents ten 'do-s and don't-s' designed to boost growth in Europe while retaining the positive agenda for jobs, social cohesion and sustainability, which are at the heart of the Lisbon process.