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MEPs must help the EU recover from its taxonomy madness

Europe’s addiction to fossil fuel corrodes our energy security and locks us into a pathway of irreversible and hostile change to our planet's climate. Emissions from gas, oil and coal bombard our planet’s oceans with heat equal to five Hiroshima-size nuclear bombs every second and hold out the nightmarish prospect that South Asia, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea could become too hot to inhabit inside 30 years.
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A sustainable future: Why digitalisation of the energy sector is key

Europe’s green transition requires concrete action from all sectors, not least of all in energy. Key to securing a sustainable future will be digitalising our sector in a secure and inclusive manner. Cisco and Enel are collaborating towards these goals.
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Bioenergy Sustainability Review: Untie our feet so we can run a good race

The current Bioenergy Sustainability Policy review needs to ensure clear and workable definitions, a risk-based approach, adequate time and the right level of regulatory certainty if the bioenergy sector is to successfully operationalise the resulting requirements.

Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe are getting serious about climate action

Businesses from Central and Eastern Europe are ready to embark on the journey to climate neutrality. If Central and Eastern European governments don’t want their economies to fall behind, they need to start helping their corporate leaders to go green. The EU’s ’Fit for 55’ package is an opportunity to do so, argues Rebekka Popp.
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How industry collaboration can kickstart green hydrogen

Europe has long been a leader in pioneering sustainable energy sources like wind and solar, and the rise of clean hydrogen is no exception. Prof. Emmanouil Kakaras is the Executive Vice President NEXT Energy Business at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA....
Energy 07-11-2016

Carbon footprint of solar panels under microscope

As the COP22 opens this week in Marrakesh, recent news about solar power has been positive, with record-breaking tariffs reflecting the fast-declining price of solar electricity. But even solar plants can come with a heavy environmental footprint, writes Andreas Wade.

Climate change 28-06-2013

EU will face severe consequences if it does not support carbon capture and storage

Five years ago the EU was the world leader in championing carbon capture and storage (CCS) but it has since slipped from the top spot due to a lack of investment in this essential part of the EU's objective to reduce carbon emissions, writes Graeme Sweeney.
Climate change 13-05-2013

Impact of Brexit on clean energy investment downplayed

The upcoming EU referendum will have less of an impact on UK clean energy investment than feared and domestic environmental policy will not suffer either, the chairman of a top consultancy firm has claimed. EURACTIV’s partner edie.net reports.
Development Policy 29-11-2012

UN energy goals threatened by fossil fuel subsidies, campaigners say

SPECIAL REPORT / UN plans to double the world’s renewable energy capacity within two decades are under threat from fossil-fuel handouts, which have almost doubled in three years, campaigners say.
Development Policy 27-11-2012

Is green growth possible?

SPECIAL REPORT: Clean tech jobs to power green growth is considered a no-brainer by progressive policy makers, NGOs and businesses, and the idea forms the core of the UN’s Year of Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL). But some economists, academics and environmental thinkers increasingly question its central premise.
Development Policy 26-11-2012

UN energy targets ‘would jack up global emissions 20%’

SPECIAL REPORT: An ambitious but little known set of UN sustainable energy goals for 2020 aims to double global improvements in energy efficiency and renewable energy capacity, and provide universal access to modern energy services. But achieving this last target would cause a carbon emissions explosion, according to a senior UN economist.
Development Policy 18-06-2012

Global clean-energy ‘revolution’ falters ahead of Rio

SPECIAL REPORT / A UN push to provide electricity to more than 1 billion people who live off the grid is threatened by indecision at an important global development conference this week, despite robust support from EU leaders.

Liberia sees hurdles to EU electricity aid goals

European plans for promoting public and private solutions to a pressing global development need - electricity - will do little to address the immediate challenges of one of the world’s poorest countries, Liberia’s energy minister said.