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Economy 09-12-2022

Insurance industry playing catch up with climate and losing

Est. 5min

The review of prudential regulation for the European insurance sector, Solvency 2, has
exposed deep divisions in the European Parliament, writes Caroline Metz.

Economy 30-11-2022

Inclusion of finance sector in EU due diligence law on the brink

Est. 5min

Ahead of Thursday’s (1 December) meeting of EU industry ministers, the fight over whether to include the financial sector in the scope of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) is still ongoing.

Economy 29-11-2022

The EU must not let the finance sector off the hook on sustainability

Est. 4min

As the current leading financial market in the EU, France has a particular responsibility to uphold the values of sustainable investment and not cave to the financial lobby, argue Richard Gardiner and Flora Rencz.

Pre-COP27: Climate negotiations to occur amid ‘deep’ multilateralism crisis

Est. 4min

Some 50 state representatives are meeting in Kinshasa on Monday (3 October) for a two-day round of meetings ahead of November's COP27, where the energy crisis and geopolitical tensions are already proving a major challenge for the future of multilateralism.

France’s EDF says EU taxonomy vote ‘welcome’ for future nuclear plans

Est. 5min

Soon to be 100% state-controlled Électricité de France (EDF) breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday (6 July) after EU lawmakers voted in favour of including nuclear and gas in the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy by 328 votes to 278.

Energy 08-02-2022

Germany considering lawsuit against EU taxonomy

Est. 4min

Germany’s vice-chancellor Robert Habeck said on Monday (7 January) that Berlin would examine a contentious proposal by the European Commission to include nuclear power and fossil gas in the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy before considering a potential lawsuit.

Green finance row splits Berlin

Est. 5min

The EU is in the final stages of honing its green finance rules and a leaked draft proposing that nuclear and gas should receive the label for the transition has prompted complaints from Berlin. But positions differ even inside the new German coalition government

Economy 01-12-2021

ESG Book aims to ‘disrupt’ sustainability sector with free data

Est. 4min

HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Swiss Re have thrown their support behind ESG Book, a new environment, social and governance (ESG) data platform launched on Wednesday (1 December) to 'disrupt' the market with a free "public good" service for companies and investors.

Finland set to reject EU taxonomy rules over biomass

Est. 4min

Finland has come out against the EU's draft “Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act” saying the proposed classification of biomass under the EU's green finance rules goes against the country's national interest.

Energy 19-11-2021

German coalition talks stumble over role of gas in EU taxonomy

Est. 5min

The scramble over the role of gas and nuclear in the EU's sustainable finance rules has become a source of tension in the German government talks as the country's first ever three-party coalition is being negotiated in Berlin.

Austria ready to sue EU over nuclear’s inclusion in green finance taxonomy

Est. 4min

Austria’s energy and climate minister Leonore Gewessler told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview that her country was ready to go to court if the EU decides to include nuclear power into the bloc's taxonomy on sustainable finance.

Scholz silent as progressive lawmakers weigh in on EU taxonomy debate

Est. 3min

As the debate on whether to include nuclear power and gas in the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy continues, progressive lawmakers in Germany and the European Parliament have released a joint statement to weigh in on the debate.

Energy 01-11-2021

Green MEP: Germany ‘may need some additional gas turbines’ to stabilise renewables

Est. 10min

Sven Giegold, a Green MEP who is one of the key negotiators in the German government coalition talks, told EURACTIV that Germany will need "small volumes" of additional gas capacity in order to "stabilise" renewable power on the electricity grid. However, he is opposed to the inclusion of gas in the EU's green finance taxonomy.

The EU taxonomy can strengthen SMEs in the green transition

Est. 6min

Small and medium-sized companies stay exempt from the new disclosure rules on the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy starting in 2022. However corporate leaders would be well-advised to follow its implications, including SMEs, writes Finn Wendland.

EU countries buy more time to scrutinise green investment rules

Est. 2min

European Union countries on Wednesday (22 September) pushed back their deadline to object to the EU's proposed rule book for green investments, giving themselves another two months to scrutinise the politically sensitive policy.

Draft EU plan outlines regulatory roadmap for green finance

Est. 4min

The European Commission is considering a wide range of measures to bring the EU's financial sector into line with its climate goals, according to a draft strategy paper to be published next Tuesday (6 July).

Economy 11-03-2021

LEAK: EU considers expanding role of gas in green finance

Est. 7min

The European Commission is reconsidering the position of gas in its sustainable finance taxonomy by recognising the fossil fuel’s role in keeping the lights on during peak electricity demand, according to a leaked document seen by EURACTIV.

EU prepares to turn the screw on asset managers over greenwashing

Est. 6min

For money managers and advisers keen to market their sustainable investing credentials to European clients, going green is about to get a lot tougher.

Parliament spells out red lines in EU battle over green finance

Est. 10min

Senior lawmakers have expressed concerns about the EU’s proposed sustainable finance taxonomy rule book, raising the possibility that an unruly cross-party majority might emerge to reject the proposal in the European Parliament.

EU advisors and Poland’s PGE increase pressure over gas in green finance rules

Est. 3min

The European Commission came under new pressure on Monday (22 February) from Poland's biggest power producer, PGE, and its own advisors, over whether to include gas power in EU rules on sustainable finance.

EU green finance advisors asked to clarify ‘transition’ to net-zero climate goal

Est. 7min

The European Commission has asked advisors to rework the EU’s green finance taxonomy rules after member states rejected draft implementing guidelines, unhappy about the exclusion of gas as a “transition” activity towards net-zero emissions.

Economy 26-01-2021

Banks ask for better data to implement EU green finance taxonomy 

Est. 4min

The availability of good data is seen as one of the main challenges to implement the EU taxonomy on sustainable finance, according to a test conducted by banks published on Monday (25 January).

Economy 11-12-2020

Commission prepares ground for ‘ambitious’ sustainable finance strategy

Est. 4min

The European Commission will present in early 2021 an “ambitious” sustainable finance strategy to mobilise the private investment needed to meet the EU’s climate targets.

The EU’s green finance taxonomy: an Orwellian mechanism

Est. 6min

The European Commission’s sustainable finance taxonomy bears all the hallmarks of failed governance: opacity, imprecision, and subjectivity with a punitive approach albeit not assumed, writes Daniel Guéguen. In short, it’s an Orwellian mechanism, he argues.