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Transport 09-04-2021

Electric truck technology close to challenging diesel: study

Electric freight trucks will soon be technologically ready to replace fossil-fuel powered trucks, but the lack of fast-charging infrastructure will hamper uptake, a new study has found.
Agrifood 05-12-2017

EU needs advanced biofuels boost to reach climate goals, transport decarbonisation

The International Energy Agency confirms that sustainable biofuels are needed to secure transport decarbonisation. The European Parliament’s Industry Committee, for its part, confirms the need to set a specific mandate for advanced biofuels, writes Marko Janhunen. Marko Janhunen is the...
Transport 24-02-2017

Expert: Clear sustainability framework needed for advanced biofuels

If the EU wants to avoid a U-turn on advanced biofuels, then it has come up with a “clear and robust” sustainability framework that will provide policy certainty and investment security, biofuel expert Laura Buffet said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Climate change 08-12-2015

Climate change: The solutions are right in front of us

Whether COP21 will be a success or not remains to be seen. What is certain is that climate change is still an urgent problem. Energy efficiency, renewables and sustainable mobility provide the solutions, writes Rolf Wüstenhagen.
Transport 19-11-2014

Michael Cramer: ‘Transport sector is nullifying Europe’s climate efforts’

Unfair competition between transport sectors is one of the biggest obstacles in reducing polluting emissions in Europe, says Michael Cramer MEP. Communities should also change their mobility patterns in order to safeguard the environment.
Transport 17-12-2008

EU eyes faster deployment of ‘intelligent transport’

The European Commission has proposed the adoption of a new EU directive to speed up deployment of ICT solutions in road transport in a bid to develop cleaner, safer and more efficient European transport systems.
Transport 19-03-2008

Interview: Extra funding needed for urban mobility

The European Parliament will call on the Commission and EU governments to set up new financing mechanisms to tackle the growing congestion and pollution problems plaguing our cities, Austrian MEP Reinhard Rack, rapporteur on the Commission’s Green Paper on urban mobility told EURACTIV.
Transport 19-03-2008

Urban mobility – a ‘financial responsibility’ for member states

Simply transposing EU environment and transport rules into national law is not enough and governments must take care to free up the money necessary for the implementation of EU objectives, insists Austrian MEP Reinhard Rack, rapporteur on the Commission’s Green Paper on urban mobility.
Transport 26-09-2007

Commission unveils urban-mobility strategy

Presenting a new Green Paper on Urban Transport, Commissioner Jacques Barrot outlined a large range of potential solutions and areas where the EU could take action in order to tackle the growing congestion, pollution and safety problems in Europe's cities.
Transport 17-09-2007

Severing car dependency in EU cities ‘very realistic’

Klaus Bondam, chairman of EuroCities' Mobility Forum, a major partner of the annual European Mobility Week and Car Free day, and vice-mayor of one of Europe's best performing cities in terms of sustainable mobility, shares his beliefs with EURACTIV on how to deal with growing congestion and pollution in Europe's urban areas. To read a shortened version of this interview, please click here.
Transport 17-09-2007

Mobility Week: EU eyes less road-space for cars

More than 1,500 cities will take part in the sixth edition of the annual European Mobility Week, which, under the theme 'Streets For People', aims to prove that reclaiming road space for pedestrians and cyclists can serve to cut congestion and pollution without reducing people's mobility.
Transport 20-07-2007

Sustainable Transport

The Commission set out a ten-year strategy on sustainability in the transport sector in its 2001 White Paper on Transport Policy. The strategy focused predominantly on balancing the different modes of transport, harmonising legislation within specific sectors, and enhancing transport safety. But, in an enlarged EU, under pressure from accelerating globalisation, high oil prices and transport-targeted terrorist attacks, the EU is looking to adapt its initial strategy.
Transport 05-06-2007

Commission sketches urban-mobility strategy

Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot has outlined his vision of the future Green Paper on urban transport, following four months of stakeholder consultations, which revealed that Europeans do want the EU to take action in this area, which is traditionally reserved for local authorities.

Interview: ‘EU not doing enough on public transport’

MEP Gyula Hegyi, who has drafted a Parliament Report on the EU urban environment strategy, says in an interview with EURACTIV that improving mobility should be cities' number-one priority and that the EU must do more to encourage this. 

MEP Gyula Hegyi: ‘Making EU cities sustainable’

The congestion and pollution problems facing Europe's cities are worsening. MEP Gyula Hegyi, who wrote Parliament's report on the EU urban-environment strategy, tells EURACTIV what he believes that Europe should do to improve the situation.
Transport 05-03-2007

Mobility stakeholders urge more EU funds for public transport

The EU can contribute to improving urban mobility through harmonisation, research and benchmarking, but re-directing investment and citizens' mindsets towards public transport will also be critical, according to urban-mobility actors.
Transport 22-09-2006

More cars, less accidents – but still more can be done

Car Free Day aims both to reduce the use of cars and to improve road safety. But, recent figures suggest that much more must be done to reduce the number of fatalities on EU roads. The European Transport Safety Council says potentially life-saving new technologies are under-used.
Transport 22-09-2006

Road safety NGO: EU must do more to reduce road accidents

In an interview with EURACTIV.com, European Transport Safety Council Executive Director Jörg Beckmann urges more political leadership to enforce existing road-safety measures, especially across borders, and to introduce "crucial" new technologies, in order to reduce the number of accidents on European roads.
Transport 19-09-2006

Stockholm says yes to congestion taxes

After Rome, London, Edinburgh and Oslo, Stockholm could be the latest city to introduce road tolls around the city centre in view of limiting traffic. 
Transport 15-09-2006

Congestion charges – the road to sustainable mobility in the EU?

As 771 European cities prepare to launch the 2006 European Mobility week, Stockholm’s inhabitants must vote on a system of road tolls aimed at reducing traffic in the city centre.
Transport 29-06-2006

Commission favours logistics as path towards sustainable transport

Advanced logistics solutions have a vital part to play in promoting Europe’s mobility, sustainability and competitiveness goals, the Commission states in its Communication on freight transport logistics.
Transport 19-06-2006

White Paper on Transport

In 2001, the Commission presented a White Paper proposing 60 measures to overhaul the EU’s transport policy in order to make it more sustainable and avoid huge economic losses due to congestion, pollution and accidents. A 2006 mid-term update attempts to re-balance the policy towards economic objectives.
Transport 18-01-2006

EU action plan seeks to shift freight to rivers

The new NAIADES programme will try to foster inland waterway transport as an environmentally-friendly alternative to road freight. The action plan will tackle the sector's poor image and infrastructure problems.

Mobility Week: Europe in search of clean air

Initiatives to promote cycling, walking, public transport and car-pooling in cities are at the centre of this year's European Mobility Week from 16 to 22 September.