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Will the EU’s Sustainable Products Initiative get the balance right?

What is a “sustainable product”?  Is it more sustainable to continue using my old washing machine or to buy a new, more energy efficient one? Are single use products always unsustainable? What criteria should I use to judge whether a...
Circular economy 02-02-2022

EU to tackle ‘green claims’ with unified product lifecycle methodology

The European Commission is preparing to table a proposal on 30 March that will force companies to substantiate their environmental claims, using an EU-wide methodology that has been in the making for nearly ten years.
Circular economy 01-02-2022

EU’s green products initiative to emulate eco-design, battery rules

The EU Sustainable Products Initiative, set to be adopted on 30 March, will draw inspiration from the successful Eco-design Directive and lessons learnt from the Batteries Regulation presented one year ago.
Circular economy 18-12-2020

Product design policy will be key to circular economy, EU says

As the European Union seeks to transition to a ‘circular economy’, the policy focus in 2021 will turn to products: how they are designed, and why so many seem to be made to throw away.