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Climate change 22-10-2021

Nothing is more blah-blah-blah than the EU’s ‘sustainable’ trade policy

You can put all the sustainability principles you like in trade deals but without means for control, monitoring, enforcement or legal consequences for a failure to comply, they aren’t worth a thing, writes Adélaïde Charlier and Deborah Osei-Mensah.
Economy & Jobs 14-10-2021

The EU’s path to trade sustainability

As public support for EU free trade deals is waning, civil society groups are hoping to help tighten the bloc's standards on trade sustainability as part of an ongoing consultation.

Brussels seeks ‘international coalition’ on trade in green goods

The European Commission will convene a ministerial meeting next year to promote trade as a way of reaching climate and environmental objectives in what could be the first step towards the creation of a “climate club” called for by Germany....
Economy & Jobs 18-02-2021

Commission outlines ‘greener’ and more assertive trade policy

A tougher approach with partners and more focus on climate and labour rights will be key pillars of the new EU trade policy outlined by the European Commission on Thursday (18 February). 
Agrifood 03-12-2020

US-UK imports of meat raised with antibiotics risk undermining EU farmers

Trade of meat from animals raised with antibiotics between the United Kingdon and the United States threatens the progress recently made on antibiotic resistance and risks adversely affecting both British and EU meat producers, warns a new report published on Tuesday (1 December).
Economy & Jobs 02-10-2020

Dombrovskis announces new defense instrument against trade ‘bullies’

The European Commission's executive vice-president, Valdis Dombrovskis, told the European Parliament on Friday (2 October) that he will put forward a new mechanism to protect the EU from the coercive manoeuvres of trade partners like US and China.
Economy & Jobs 17-06-2019

From ‘liberalise and patronise’ to a genuine sustainable trade strategy for the EU

The next European Commission must revamp its trade policy for the next five years to focus on sustainability, writes Jude Kirton-Darling.

EU-Japan free trade deal threatens the fight for legal timber

While moves towards greater international cooperation are welcome, the EU’s growing number of new free trade deals must be scrutinised. And in the case of the Japan-EU free trade agreement, the deal’s impact on the fight against illegal timber is a pressing concern, writes Perrine Fournier.
Economy & Jobs 21-06-2017

EU wants gender chapter included in Chile trade deal update

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström wants to include a chapter on gender equality in an update to the bloc’s trade deal with Chile, which is due to be negotiated soon. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Trade & Society 20-01-2010

US aims to boost export-led jobs in SMEs

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk welcomed a new report on Tuesday (19 January) he said showed the potential to create well-paying American jobs by encouraging more small and medium-sized US companies to export, eyeing the EU model.

Report: EU trade deals ‘threaten’ wildlife

The much-hyped trade and development agreements currently under negotiation between the EU and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries could put forests and the livelihoods of communities dependent on them at serious risk, argues a new report by Friends of the Earth.
Trade & Society 04-12-2007

EU, US eye WTO free trade pact for climate-friendly goods

As world leaders meet in Bali to outline a new global climate regime, the EU and the US have launched a joint push for an international deal on eliminating tariffs on green technologies in the hope of opening up new market opportunities for business.
Trade & Society 08-10-2007

O’Sullivan: ‘We are now close to the end point on Doha’

The Commission's Director-General for Trade David O'Sullivan tells EURACTIV he remains optimistic that global trade negotiations can still be succesfully concluded, even if it does mean the EU will have to offer more concessions on agricultural tariffs, and reminds the bloc's 27 members just how much free trade and globalisation has benefited them.
Trade & Society 28-09-2007

EU urges developing countries to sign up to free trade deals

As the deadline for ACP countries to conclude controversial Economic Partnership Agreements with the EU draws closer, the Commission and EU business interests called on anti-poverty activists to put an end to their "caricatural" criticism of negotiations, which they insist are essential to eradicating poverty.
Trade & Society 30-05-2007

Pros and cons of reviving Doha [Archived]

After a six-month total break-down in WTO negotiations on freeing up global trade, world leaders agreed, in January 2007, to revive the talks, but hopes to clinch a deal ahead of crucial US elections - are waning as hardliners refuse to soften their stance. Some fear talks may collapse completely if a breakthrough is not achieved by then.
Trade & Society 13-02-2007

Mandelson wants free trade in ‘green’ goods

Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson has called for a 0%-tariff deal on environmentally friendly technologies as part of the Doha Round, saying that such an agreement could help provide a global solution to climate change.
Trade & Society 14-11-2006

Businesses and trade unions debate future trade strategy

Amid fears that the Democrats' victory in US Congress could put an end to already troubled efforts to reach a global trade pact, the Commission has discussed future trade strategies with stakeholders.

Commission to promote ‘decent work’ in the world

The Commission will issue a Communication in support of basic worker rights for workers all over the world. Commissioner Spidla says it will not be used for protectionism. 
Trade & Society 20-02-2006

Italy registers record trade deficit

Less than two months before national elections, the rise in the cost of importing oil and gas in 2005 has led to a 10 billion euro Italian trade deficit.
Trade & Society 04-10-2005

EU pledges to end trade in small arms

The project for an international Treaty on Arms Trade, which aims to outlaw the trade in small arms such as rifles, pistols, machine guns and grenades, has won official EU support.
Trade & Society 22-10-2003

CSR Europe investigates what sustainable trade means for business

CSR Europe has invited key stakeholders to explore the concept of sustainable trade and what it means for the business community.
Trade & Society 28-05-2003

Fairtrade labelling organisation takes development prize

Development and the objective of achieving economic progress and strategies for poverty reduction in developing countries is a strong focus of the EU's efforts in the World Trade Organisation. Fair trade was in the centre of attention as the King Baudouin Foundation handed over its bi-annual Development Prize to International Fairtrade Labelling Organisations, on 27 May 2003.
Trade & Society 24-02-2003

Chirac proposes moratorium on farm export subsidies to Africa

French President Jacques Chirac has proposed a temporary moratorium on European farm export subsidies toward Africa.
Trade & Society 21-02-2003

Lamy welcomes new observers at environmental negotiations in the WTO

The WTO decision to allow observers to attend environmental negotiations on an ad-hoc basis was positively received by the EU as a first step towards granting them a permanent observer status.