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Agrifood 14-12-2017

‘Greenwashed oil’ set to win from renewable transport targets, biofuel industry claims

Biofuel producers in the Visegrad countries plus Lithuania and Bulgaria have warned that a phase-out of biofuels will lead to a phase-in of ‘greenwashed’ fossil fuels under the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), as it currently stands in the Council’s proposal.
Agrifood 02-10-2017

A sticky matter: Sugar molasses dent EU’s ambitions on advanced biofuels

Sugar molasses, which the European Commission sees as "advanced" biofuel, present many of the same problems as conventional biofuels – including a potential increase in food prices and land competition for food production. But their definition as biofuels keeps the sugar industry happy, EURACTIV.com has learned.
Biofuels 05-04-2017

MEPs: Industry ‘self-regulation’ failed to prevent deforestation

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Tuesday (4 April) calling the Commission to phase-out the use of biofuels based on vegetable oils by 2020, and establish a single certification scheme to guarantee only sustainably produced palm oil enters the EU market.
Energy 13-01-2017

EU risks missing climate goals without ‘sustainable’ biofuels, experts warn

The European Commission’s proposal to gradually phase out "sustainable" first generation biofuels will prevent the EU from meeting its 2030 climate goals, experts claim.
Transport 20-11-2015

Commission gives member states report card on transport performance

The European Commission is putting pressure on member states to step up their performance on transport--the Netherlands came in at the top of the list and Romania ranked last.
Transport 12-03-2015

Parliament backs the introduction of safer trucks in 2022

The European Parliament approved new rules on Tuesday (10 March) allowing manufacturers to build larger and more aerodynamic trucks that supporters say will improve road safety and reduce polluting emissions.
Transport 25-02-2015

Energy Union pushes for e-mobility and alternative fuels in transport

The European Commission plans further steps to decarbonise the transport sector through a shift to alternative fuels and electro-mobility, according to the latest draft of the Energy Union proposal, which will be officially presented later today.
Transport 24-02-2015

Cooking oil’s use in aviation set to ‘grow and become bigger’

Used cooking oil is one of the latest biofuel alternatives used by aviation companies to reduce carbon emissions. But even if it is already used in planes, critics say production will remain insufficient to make a difference on a larger scale.
Transport 05-12-2014

Gobal emissions scheme talks renewed

Negotiations to agree on a global deal to reduce flight emissions are advancing as countries initially blocking the talks seem ready to cooperate, the European Commission said on Tuesday (2 December).
Transport 03-12-2014

Bulc eyeing investment fund for transport

Violeta Bulc defended Jean-Claude Juncker's €315 billion investment plan despite criticism among members of the European Parliament. The new Commissioner for Transport hopes to use the proposed fund to boost the EU transport sector's competitiveness and reduce emissions.
Transport 28-11-2014

France and Sweden delay the introduction of safer trucks

France and Sweden are trying to delay the entry into force of an EU law that will make trucks safer and more fuel-efficient, according to a document seen by EURACTIV.
Transport 02-10-2014

Eurostat: intermodal freight at a standstill

EU initiatives to better integrate and improve connectivity between road, rail and waterways have failed to yield any significant results, according to the latest Eurostat data on freight transport.
Trade & Society 12-07-2012

Brussels unveils ‘smart cities’ innovation scheme

The European Commission has announced a new €365 million a year innovation partnership scheme aimed at boosting the development of ‘smart’ technologies in cities, EU officials told the press on Tuesday (10 July). 
Transport 25-01-2012

For e-bikes, no easy ride in tough times

Europe’s motorcycle industry is having a tough ride in the current economic times despite being touted as one of the solutions to road congestion and pollution.
Transport 17-06-2011

EU countries put brakes on transport emissions goal

A proposed objective to cut the EU's transport emissions by 60% by 2050 was considered "too ambitious" by a majority of the bloc's transport ministers, who stressed that the goal should remain aspirational.
Energy 05-11-2010

EU looks to alternative fuels for ‘green’ cars

The EU needs a long-term strategy on alternative fuels to decarbonise its transport sector by 2050, according to a draft report from the European Commission, seen by EURACTIV.
Transport 02-11-2010

EU’s new transport strategy to put price on pollution

The European Commission wants to make transport users pay for emissions, noise and other harm they cause as part of proposals laid down in a draft White Paper on Transport, seen by EURACTIV.
Transport 06-09-2010

Finland eyes world’s first ‘green highway’

The Nordic country is planning to build a carbon-neutral highway, placing filling stations for electric and biofuel-powered cars, smart lighting systems and clean energy production facilities along the route.
EU Priorities 2020 23-09-2009

Barroso II must turn carbon cuts into growth

Green jobs and competitiveness will feature high on the incoming European Commission's agenda as it takes on the challenge of delivering on pledges to lead the world in combating climate change.
Transport 26-03-2009

EU completes ‘Single Sky’ airspace shake-up

Cheaper airline tickets, shorter flight times, less pollution and no more air borders: these are the expected benefits of the 'Single European Sky II' package of legislation adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (25 March).
Transport 03-09-2008

Transport ministers back optional road tolls

Meeting in La Rochelle on 1-2 September for an informal session, EU transport ministers showed some reserve towards Commission proposals to charge truck drivers for the costs they impose in terms of congestion, noise and air pollution.
Transport 09-07-2008

Green tolls to add to fuel cost pressure on truck drivers

Proposals adopted by the Commission yesterday (8 July) could see road haulage costs rise even further than they have already as a result of the hike in fuel prices. They aim to reduce the sector's negative impact on the environment, although green groups say the plans remain weak.
Transport 07-05-2008

EU says new cash flows urgent for transport networks

The EU is behind schedule and lacks the necessary budget to complete the 30 infrastructure projects it has highlighted as essential to connecting the territories of the EU's 27 members and meeting the bloc's ambitious climate targets, according to a new report.
Transport 22-11-2007

‘Green’ transport projects to receive fresh EU cash

Railways and inland waterways will receive the lion's share of EU funding for trans-European transport network (TEN-T) projects for the period 2007 to 2013, the Commission has announced.