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Climate change 16-04-2015

Responsible flying grounded by aviation’s fuel tax exemption

Countries must reform the International Civil Aviation Organisation's position on fuel subsidies to bring them into line with well-established global objectives, writes Andrew Murphy.
Matthias Finger, Florence School of Regulation
Transport 22-07-2014

The Single European Sky: “We have a problem”

The project of a 'single European airspace' is currently in gridlock. Negotiators focus on fragmented solutions rather than building shared infrastructure through integrated technology, writes Matthias Finger.
Energy 27-11-2013

Why are biofuels a key element of Europe’s transport sector?

What will transport vehicles use as an energy source in 2030? Those of you who answered gas, electricity or hydrogen may be on the right track. Yet experts predict that liquid fuels will still be the main energy provider for transport– especially so for sectors such as aviation and road haulage, writes Ausilio Bauen.
Transport 28-06-2006

Analysis: Integrating Europe’s Transport System

In this report, David Kernohan (Centre for European Policy Studies) relates the conclusions of a CEPS Task Force on the challenges which remain in the European transport policy.