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  • EU completes ‘Single Sky’ airspace shake-up

    News | Transport 26-03-2009

    Cheaper airline tickets, shorter flight times, less pollution and no more air borders: these are the expected benefits of the 'Single European Sky II' package of legislation adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (25 March).

  • Transport ministers back optional road tolls

    News | Transport 03-09-2008

    Meeting in La Rochelle on 1-2 September for an informal session, EU transport ministers showed some reserve towards Commission proposals to charge truck drivers for the costs they impose in terms of congestion, noise and air pollution.

  • Green tolls to add to fuel cost pressure on truck drivers

    News | Transport 09-07-2008

    Proposals adopted by the Commission yesterday (8 July) could see road haulage costs rise even further than they have already as a result of the hike in fuel prices. They aim to reduce the sector's negative impact on the environment, although green groups say the plans remain weak.

  • Transport infrastructure and environment

    Policy Brief | Transport 09-05-2008

    As mobility increases, Europe's roads and skies are becoming increasingly saturated – leaving policymakers with two options: to increase existing capacity or to optimise it, notably thanks to the introduction of infrastructure charging schemes.

  • EU says new cash flows urgent for transport networks

    News | Transport 07-05-2008

    The EU is behind schedule and lacks the necessary budget to complete the 30 infrastructure projects it has highlighted as essential to connecting the territories of the EU's 27 members and meeting the bloc's ambitious climate targets, according to a new report.

  • ‘Green’ transport projects to receive fresh EU cash

    News | Transport 22-11-2007

    Railways and inland waterways will receive the lion's share of EU funding for trans-European transport network (TEN-T) projects for the period 2007 to 2013, the Commission has announced.

  • EU wades into transport pricing controversy

    News | Transport 02-11-2007

    With less than eight months remaining before it must come up with a universal model to make users of all transport modes pay for the negative effects they inflict on society – including air pollution, CO2 emissions, accidents and congestion – the European Commission has invited stakeholders to take part in the controversial debate.

  • The review of the EU’s Fuel Quality Directive

    Policy Brief | Transport 29-10-2007

    Petrol and diesel specifications are being reviewed in order to lower their environmental and health impact as well as to take into account new EU-wide targets on biofuels and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

  • Sarkozy pledges ‘green revolution’ for France

    News | Sustainable Development 26-10-2007

    Concluding a four-month stakeholder forum in Paris, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced a raft of new measures, including a freeze on the construction of new roads and airports as well as a moratorium on new GMOs.

  • EU economy ‘not sustainable’, finds Commission report

    News | Sustainable Development 25-10-2007

    CO2 emissions from transport are rising, biodiversity is threatened, and more Europeans are suffering from depression, according to the Commission's first review of the EU's sustainable development strategy. The report also includes some positive indicators, including an increase in the introduction of climate change-related initiatives in member states.

  • EU seeks to shift freight to rail and shipping

    News | Transport 19-10-2007

    The Commission has presented plans aimed at making freight transport in the EU more efficient and sustainable, through improved logistics and by promoting a more frequent use of cleaner modes of transport such as rail and water transport.

  • Urban Transport

    Policy Brief | Transport 19-09-2007

    In September 2007, the Commission presented the outlines of a new 'urban strategy', which lays out a large range of potential solutions and areas where the EU could take action in order to tackle the growing congestion, pollution and safety problems in Europe's cities.

  • Sustainable Transport

    Policy Brief | Transport 20-07-2007

    The Commission set out a ten-year strategy on sustainability in the transport sector in its 2001 White Paper on Transport Policy. The strategy focused predominantly on balancing the different modes of transport, harmonising legislation within specific sectors, and enhancing transport safety. But, in an enlarged EU, under pressure from accelerating globalisation, high oil prices and transport-targeted terrorist attacks, the EU is looking to adapt its initial strategy.

  • Ministers place transport in the eye of climate-change storm

    News | Transport 11-06-2007

    The transport sector, with its significant contribution to greenhouse-gas emissions and ever-increasing growth rates, is going to feel the heat of EU regulation, European transport ministers pledged at a meeting on 8 June.

  • More money needed for EU transport infrastructure

    News | Transport 09-05-2007

    Financial inaction on transport infrastructure is a major failing of EU transport policy and could put economic growth in the Union at risk, states a report backed on 8 May by the Parliament's Transport Committee.

  • EIB funding – biased towards road and air transport?

    News | Transport 19-04-2007

    The European Investment Bank's funding priorities go against the EU's long-term challenges on sustainable transport and climate change, argues an NGO. But the road lobby says that better roads actually contribute to a cleaner environment.

  • Report: ‘EU transport policies failing on climate’

    News | Transport 27-02-2007

    The surge in transport demand means that greenhouse-gas emissions from the sector are still steadily increasing, threatening the EU's Kyoto goals, according to the European Environment Agency.

  • EU seeks to force transport CO2 rules on trade partners

    News | Transport 22-02-2007

    As environment ministers discussed plans to cap CO2 emissions from cars and airplanes, consensus emerged on the need to avoid putting EU industries at a competitive disadvantage by subjecting them to stricter rules than their foreign competitors.

  • Work begins to solve Europe’s urban-mobility woes

    News | Transport 31-01-2007

    As the Commission opens the first stages of its public consultation on urban transport, public-transport workers and operators are calling for more than a simple benchmarking exercise.

  • Transport policy looks set for U-turn

    News | Transport 11-10-2006

    Despite the 2001 Transport White Paper’s aim to curb demand for road transport, only green groups appear to believe that this is still a worthy aim.

  • Analysis: Integrating Europe’s Transport System

    Opinion | Transport 28-06-2006

    In this report, David Kernohan (Centre for European Policy Studies) relates the conclusions of a CEPS Task Force on the challenges which remain in the European transport policy.

  • Commission attempts to balance transport and environmental needs

    News | Transport 23-06-2006

    The Commission's updated Europe’s transport policy seeks to improve citizens’ mobility and boost competitiveness, while keeping down energy consumption and reducing the negative impacts on the environment.

  • White Paper on Transport

    Policy Brief | Transport 19-06-2006

    In 2001, the Commission presented a White Paper proposing 60 measures to overhaul the EU’s transport policy in order to make it more sustainable and avoid huge economic losses due to congestion, pollution and accidents. A 2006 mid-term update attempts to re-balance the policy towards economic objectives.

  • Green campaigners warn about transport policy U-turn

    News | Transport 24-05-2006

    The new EU transport policy risks undermining other commitments made on public health protection, energy and climate change, a group of environmental NGOs has warned.