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Development Policy 26-07-2017

Macron announces U-turn on development budget

After announcing budget cuts at the beginning of July, President Emmanuel Macron has reaffirmed his commitment to increase France’s official development assistance budget to 0.55% of gross national income (GNI) by 2022. EURACTIV France reports.
Europe's East 01-09-2015

Poroshenko brands parliament attack ‘a stab in the back’

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko today (1 September) called yesterday's attack by extremist forces on Ukraine's parliament, in which a police officer was killed and several people were seriously wounded, "a stab in the back".
Europe's East 31-08-2015

Policeman killed, dozens injured in Kyiv protests

One National Guard serviceman was killed and several policemen badly wounded today (31 August), when an explosive device was thrown by far-right Svoboda Party and Right Sector protesters outside parliament, the Kyiv Post reports.
Global Europe 20-03-2014

Verheugen: ‘Crimea will become part of Russia’

There is almost nothing left that can stop Russian annexation of Crimea. 'The train has left the station', says Günter Verheugen. Still, the former Enlargement Commissioner calls for dialogue and warns against escalation and an economic war.
Elections 30-10-2012

Observers: Ukrainian election marks ‘a step backwards’

International observers to the parliamentary elections in Ukraine have accused the authorities of “abuse of power” and “excessive role of money” in the campaign, while the EU issued a more carefully worded statement.
Elections 29-10-2012

Elections change Ukrainian political landscape

The next Ukrainian Parliament will consist of five parties, with the ruling Party of the Regions remaining the strongest single force, preliminary results of the election held yesterday (28 October) show. But the country’s future may depend on two big opposition parties forming a coalition.