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EU Elections 2019 11-09-2018

Sweden faces political impasse after far-right election gains

Sweden faces a political impasse after its mainstream centre-left and centre-right blocs virtually tied in an election on Sunday (9 September), while the far-right - which neither wants to deal with - made gains on a hardline anti-immigration platform.
Elections 10-09-2018

Europe’s political mainstream must try to tame the far right

Far right parties are here to stay and, if unchecked, they will continue growing. The way to halt this process – risky as it may seem - is for the mainstream to try to tame them, argues Harry Nedelcu.
EU Elections 2019 10-09-2018

Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats lead election, far right make gains

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's Social Democrats remained the biggest party in Sunday's (9 September) general election, as the anti-immigrant far right made gains and vowed to exert "real influence" in politics.
Elections 03-09-2018

Sweden’s Löfven struggles to keep one of EU’s last centre-left governments in power

Sweden's Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has probably never stood so alone: roasted by the right for leaving the door wide open to asylum-seekers and lambasted by the left for later slamming it shut.
Staffan Herrström
Global Europe 23-10-2014

Sweden’s Ambassador to Poland: ‘On climate, I hope our children won’t blame us for inaction’

There is still hope for meaningful decisions to be made at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, Swedish Ambassador Staffan Herrström told EURACTIV Poland in an exclusive interview.
Elections 27-08-2010

Rival coalitions in dead heat as Swedish election approaches

With general elections in Sweden less than a month away, the governing centre-right coalition and opposition centre-left bloc are locked in a dead heat, according to pollsters, who argued that "anything can happen between now and 19 September".
Elections 09-10-2006

Anti-Strasbourg MEP named Swedish minister for European Affairs

Cecilia Malmström, the MEP who organised a petition to relocate the European Parliament permanently to Brussels, has been appointed European affairs minister in the new Swedish government.
Elections 02-10-2002

Sweden: Persson averts crisis over no-confidence vote

Just hours before a vote of no-confidence in the parliament, Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson managed to secure a deal with the Greens.
Elections 16-09-2002

Swedish elections: Persson’s victory opens path to euro

The Swedish elections of 15 September ended in a surprising victory for the governing leftist bloc of Prime Minister Goran Persson.
Euro & Finance 13-09-2002

Swedish elections could determine future euro debate

On 15 September 2002, Sweden is going to elect a new parliament. The outcome of the close race between the leftist governing bloc and the centre-right opposition could have a determining influence on the euro referendum in Sweden next year.