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Global Europe 28-02-2022

Russia’s isolation deepens as Ukraine resists invasion

Russia's political and economic isolation deepened on Monday (28 February) as its forces met stiff resistance in Ukraine's capital and other cities in the biggest assault on a European state since World War Two.
Europe's East 27-02-2022

EU extends Russia sanctions to airspace, media, Belarus

The European Union announced more sanctions against Russia on Sunday (27 February), including the closure of EU airspace, banning two news outlets, and more sanctions in the pipeline for Belarus after they assisted with the invasion of Ukraine. 
Global Europe 14-02-2022

SWIFT off Russia sanctions list, state banks likely target – US, EU officials

US and European officials are finalizing an extensive package of sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine that targets major Russian banks, but does not include banning Russia from the SWIFT financial system, according to US and European officials.
Global Europe 24-01-2022

Blinken to join EU foreign ministers teleconference as Ukraine tensions rise

Amid rising fears of Russian military action against Ukraine, EU foreign minister on Monday (24 January) will seek to align their response with Washington, as US Secretary of State Anthony is set to join their virtual meeting.
Global Europe 22-04-2021

Ukraine encourages Western allies to kick Russia out of SWIFT

Ukraine urged Western allies to show they were prepared to punish Moscow with new sanctions, including kicking Russia out of the global SWIFT payments system, to deter the Kremlin from resorting to more military force against Ukraine.
Global Europe 04-09-2020

How might West respond to Russia over Navalny poisoning?

Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Germany will consult its NATO allies about how to respond to findings by a German military laboratory that Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Soviet-style nerve agent.
Global Europe 13-08-2020

In China, fears of financial Iron Curtain as US tensions rise

A sharp escalation in tensions with the United States has stoked fears in China of a deepening financial war that could result in it being shut out of the global dollar system.
Economy & Jobs 22-08-2018

German FM: EU needs payment systems independent of US to keep Iran deal alive

Europe needs to set up payment systems independent of the United States if it wants to save the nuclear deal between Iran and major powers that was abandoned by President Donald Trump, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said.

France, Germany press Brussels on terror funding crackdown

France and Germany pressed the European Union yesterday (9 February) to speed up plans designed to crack down on the funding of terrorist groups.
Michel Sapin

France eyes European system to track terrorism finance

In the absence of better cooperation from Washington, France wants European countries to set up their own system to track terrorism finance.
Euro & Finance 04-07-2014

TTIP documents could be made public after EU court ruling

European Union documents relating to the EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), could be made public after a European Court of Justice ruling yesterday (3 July).

Parliament calls for freezing anti-terror banking data transfers with the US

The European Parliament called on Wednesday for US access to a global financial database in Belgium, name Swift, to be suspended due to concerns that the United States is snooping on the European Union, not just combating terrorism.
Trade & Society 08-07-2013

Kennard: We will have a ‘healthy debate’ on Prism and trade

EU and US negotiators are to hold their first round of talks on a long-term trade deal that has been overshadowed by allegations of American spying on EU offices and European governments. But Washington's envoy to the EU, William E. Kennard, foresees a "healthy debate" on trade.

Reding defines new EU data privacy rules

In a speech yesterday (16 March) EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding spelled out new privacy rules for personal data held on the Internet, including a "right to be forgotten" that would allow users to permanently delete data held by companies.

EU-US deal on anti-terror data exchange hits snag

A deal to strengthen data protection rules in EU-US anti-terror investigations has riled some member states, who will be seeking "a seat" at the transatlantic negotiating table during a meeting of justice ministers in Brussels today (2 December). 

Assertive Parliament ratifies EU-US anti-terror deal

After rejecting an earlier version in February, the European Parliament approved a revised EU-US bank-data sharing deal yesterday (8 July), asserting its new-found role in the EU's institutional power game under the Lisbon Treaty.

Parliament to back new EU-US data-sharing deal

The European Parliament is tomorrow (8 July) expected to rubber-stamp a revised EU-US agreement on bank data-sharing, called 'SWIFT', that is set to give significant new powers of oversight to US anti-terror investigators. Some MEPs feel, however, that the ongoing saga represents "misuse" of parliamentary power.

EU wins concessions on US bank data-sharing deal

The European Parliament yesterday (24 June) clinched approval for greater EU oversight of US investigations into the financial activity of terror suspects within Europe.

Parliament set to derail EU-US anti-terror talks

A new EU-US anti-terror agreement still infringes the European Union's laws on data protection and civil liberties, say MEPs who, following talks with the European Commission today (10 June), plan to vote against the accord. 

EU seeks transatlantic privacy rules

Pending the approval of the EU's rotating presidency, Brussels will start negotiations with the US aimed at reconciling a transatlantic divide in the protection of citizens' personal data. The talks mark a U-turn in the bloc's approach to EU-US anti-terror investigations.

EU, US restart talks to clinch June anti-terror deal

The European Commission and the US Treasury yesterday (11 May) began a series of talks on the contested financial data sharing deal to combat terrorism in an effort to clinch an agreement before the end of June 2010, Commission sources said. 

MEPs to restrict US access to anti-terror data

The European Parliament wants to see plans for an EU-based financial data authority before striking a new EU-US financial data sharing deal to combat terrorism, according to members of the legislature's justice committee, LIBE.

EU to approve new anti-terror data sharing deal with US

Despite staunch German opposition to parts of a draft EU-US bank data-sharing deal to counter terrorism, EU ministers will today (23 April) give the European Commission their blessing to renegotiate the revised agreement.

EU to launch anti-terror finance tracking plan

To resolve the internal strife in Brussels on sharing financial data with the US, the European Commission yesterday announced (24 March) it would seek to create an EU 'Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme' (TFTP), based on the one in the USA, which was created after the 9/11 attacks.