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Global Europe 18-03-2022

Russians have up to $213 billion stashed offshore in Swiss banks

Switzerland's secretive banks hold up to $213 billion of Russian wealth, the country's financial industry association estimates, as sanctions on Russia give a rare glimpse inside Swiss vaults.
Central Europe 07-12-2015

Czech MEP denies attempt to withdraw €350 million from Swiss bank

A Czech communist member of the European Parliament denied yesterday (6 December) that he had tried to carry out an illegal transaction involving €350 million at a Swiss bank.
Global Europe 25-08-2015

Official: ‘Thousands’ of bigwigs hold Swiss accounts

Thousands of so-called "politically exposed persons", or PEPs - a category that includes heads of state and other top officials - hold Swiss bank accounts, a Swiss foreign ministry official said yesterday (24 August).
Public Affairs 28-04-2015

Jean-Marie Le Pen accused of hiding €2 million in Switzerland

The founder of the French National Front is accused of channelling funds to Switzerland through a trust held in the name of a European Parliament assistant. EURACTIV France reports
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Euro & Finance 04-03-2013

Swiss vote to limit top executive salaries

Swiss citizens voted yesterday (3 March) to impose some of the world's strictest controls on executive pay, forcing public companies to give shareholders a binding vote on compensation.
Euro & Finance 02-11-2012

Greek journalist acquitted in tax evasion list scandal

A Greek journalist who published the names of more than 2,000 of his compatriots who held Swiss bank accounts was acquitted on Thursday (1 November) in a case that touched a nerve over the role of tax evasion in the country's debt crisis.
Euro & Finance 30-10-2012

Greek journalist faces court for publishing tax evaders’ list

A Greek journalist is facing trial after having published a list of people with Swiss bank accounts, which the Greek government appears to have tried to cover up. EURACTIV Greece reports. 
Elections 13-08-2012

German opposition leader accuses Swiss banks of ‘organised crime’

The leader of Germany's centre-left opposition, Sigmar Gabriel, has criticised Swiss banks for helping Germans avoid taxes in a strongly worded radio interview that could put new strains on ties between the two countries.