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Health literacy
Oil and Industry 06-10-2014

The Internet is causing more problems for health literacy

SPECIAL REPORT: While policymakers, doctors and other health campaigners want to educate the public to take care of its health, the Internet is making the task ever more difficult. 
Mobile health
Innovation 09-04-2014

‘Smarter’ investments can manage and prevent chronic diseases

SPECIAL REPORT / With years of austerity cuts in the health sector, many EU member states are unfit to face the growing burden of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and conditions linked to obesity such as diabetes and bad cholesterol.
Health 28-03-2014

European healthcare ‘not equipped’ to meet future challenges

With increased demand and limited resources, current healthcare policies may prove to be unsustainable in coming years, warned policymakers at an event organised by the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) in Brussels on Thursday (27 March).