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EU ‘strongly’ rejects Turkey’s migration pressure but next steps unclear

The EU will not accept Turkey’s migration pressure at its external borders and will use all necessary measures, in accordance with international law, to stop illegal crossings, European ministers of internal affairs have said.
Global Europe 21-02-2020

At EU summit, Merkel and Macron call Putin over Syria crisis

The leaders of Germany and France called Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday (20 February) to express their concern about the humanitarian situation in Syria’s Idlib region, expressing their readiness to meet in an effort to defuse the conflict.
Global Europe 11-05-2018

Assad accuses Erdogan of close ties to Muslim Brotherhood

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was assigned by the US government to interfere in Syria when the terrorists lost control of different areas, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad told Greek daily Kathimerini in an interview.

Amnesty alleges Italian police ‘torture’ of migrants

Italian police have used beatings and electric shocks, potentially constituting "torture", to coerce migrants into being fingerprinted as Italy cracks under pressure from the EU, Amnesty International said today (3 October).

Progress over Ukraine war at Berlin summit with Putin

Moscow and Kiev agreed Wednesday (19 October) to end a deadlock on the conflict in eastern Ukraine by the end of November, Ukraine's president said, after a four-way summit in Berlin with the leaders of France and Germany.
Global Europe 09-08-2016

Erdogan threatens to end migration deal with Brussels, praises Putin

One day before a crucial meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Saint Petersburg, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told France's Le Monde newspaper that the migration deal with the EU might collapse if Brussels does not deliver its promise on visa waivers.
Euro & Finance 18-05-2016

Refugees can bring significant economic benefit: report

A new international study released today [18 May] finds significant economic benefits for wealthy EU countries that accept refugees. But one of the weaknesses of the report appears to be that it does not analyse the case in poorer EU countries in central and eastern Europe.
Global Europe 14-04-2016

Italian government asks local authorities to find ‘more beds’ for the migrants

Italy has asked local authorities to find an additional 15,000 beds for asylum seekers as fears mount that it could be squeezed between a surge in new arrivals from Libya and its neighbours tightening their borders.
Global Europe 09-02-2016

Austria asks Commission for €600 million to cover refugee costs

The European Commission will decide whether to provide extra emergency funding for member states to tackle the costs of the refugee crisis after the meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels this Friday (12 February).
Global Europe 04-02-2016

Britain pledges extra €1.6 billion for Syria before donor conference

Britain pledged on Thursday (4 February) to spend an additional £1.2 billion (€1.6 bln) in aid for Syrians by 2020, seeking to build momentum for a donor conference that the United Nations hopes will raise more than $7 billion (€6.3 bln) for this year alone. 
Global Europe 03-02-2016

A third of migrants sailing to Greece are children: UNICEF

Children now make up over a third of the migrants making the perilous sea crossing from Turkey to Greece, the UN has said, as two more babies drowned off Europe's shores.

Canada offers EU example in integrating Syrian refugees

While EU politicians are still bickering over their share of the burden of refugees in Europe, Canada is seeking ways to rapidly integrate 25,000 Syrians into its society.
Enlargement 24-11-2015

Putin calls Turkey ‘accomplices of terrorists’ after Russian jet downing

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet today (24 November) a stab in the back administered by "the accomplices of terrorists," saying the incident would have serious consequences.
Europe's East 21-10-2015

No European army now, says S&D VP

During a meeting with journalists on Tuesday (20 October), Knut Fleckenstein, the Vice-President of the Socialists and Democrats, said that now was not the time to discuss a European army, arguing that it would provoke Russia.

EU summit to pledge €1 billion to Turkey

EU officials hope the emergency summit on Wednesday (23 September) will deliver concrete pledges of support for Turkey and other nations housing some 4 million Syrian refugees, as well as for the 11 million Syrians now homeless inside their own country.
Global Europe 14-09-2015

Merkel urges West to work with Russia on Syria crisis

Germany and other Western European powers need to work with Russia as well as the United States to solve the crisis in Syria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday (12 September).

Migrant crisis to eclipse EU enlargement gathering

Europe's raging migrant crisis is set to hijack a summit in Vienna of leaders from the Western Balkans region on Thursday (27 August) that will also be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Languages & Culture 19-08-2015

Commission frowns on ‘Christian only’ solidarity with migrants

Asked to comment today (19 August) on a statement by the premier of Slovakia that his country would only accept Christian migrants, the European Commission reiterated the principle of non-discrimination, which is at the core of EU legislation.
Development Policy 24-06-2015

NGOs in emergency response mode amid global conflicts

Wars in Syria, South Sudan and in the Central African Republic are posing new challenges to development NGOs, causing Germany’s Welthungerhilfe and resort to unconventional measures. EURACTIV Germany reports.

UN, EU take symbolic boat ride in the ‘sea of tears’

UN chief Ban Ki-moon said the Mediterranean had become "a sea of tears" as he joined Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini aboard a navy ship yesterday (27 April) to highlight the plight of migrants risking their lives to reach Europe.
Global Europe 06-03-2015

EU hits Syria with fresh sanctions

The European Union imposed additional sanctions against Syria on Friday (6 March), targeting backers of President Bashar al-Assad, as the bloody conflict gets worse with no prospect of a peace deal.
Le djihadiste britannique connu sous le nom de "John le Beatle"

Flow of European jihadis drying up

The flow of European fighters from Europe to territory held by the ultra-hardline Islamic State is drying up due to tighter restrictions imposed by European states that have prevented would-be jihadis from travelling, fighters from the group said.
Syrian Death Mask
Global Europe 19-02-2015

Four years on, Europeans seek dialogue with Syria

Some European Union countries which withdrew their ambassadors from Syria are saying privately it is time for more communication with Damascus, even though Britain and France oppose it, diplomats said.

Czech Republic looks to older EU members for cues on immigration

The Czech Republic has a tiny Muslim population, but it has also seen a sharp rise in anti-Islamic sentiment in recent months. That has prompted the government to look at the experience of immigration of older EU member states, EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.