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Politics 16-07-2018

UK’s Boris Johnson returns as Telegraph columnist

After resigning as foreign minister last week over Prime Minister Theresa May's compromise plan for Brexit, Boris Johnson is back at his old job as a columnist at the eurosceptic Daily Telegraph newspaper.
Brexit 21-06-2016

Tannock: Mozambican migrants can vote in the UK referendum, but my Slovak wife can’t

The UK referendum on Europe is heavily stacked in favour of the Brexiteers, MEP Charles Tannock told EURACTIV Slovakia in an exclusive interview.
Brexit 30-04-2015

It’s a Tory! Eurosceptic UK daily gives its support to Cameron

A week ahead of the 7 May elections, Britain's best-selling newspaper, The Sun, came out in support of Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives citing the economy, fears about the power of Scottish nationalists and Cameron's promise of a referendum on European Union membership.
Public Affairs 10-07-2012

Time to stop the tail wagging the dog and talk about the real economy

The ordinary, but useful and important, work of the European institutions is being drowned out by the cries of alarm from the crisis. It is about time to replace the tabloid narrative and highlight the real economy where several hundred million Europeans have jobs and want to create something useful, writes Mark Rogerson.