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  • Mogherini warns against intimidation in South China Sea spat

    News | Global Europe 06-11-2015

    The EU urged all parties on Friday (6 November) to settle peacefully territorial disputes in the South China Sea, where Washington has challenged Beijing's efforts to bolster its claims through an island-building programme.

  • EU-Taiwan relations need update

     Video | Promoted content | Global Europe 07-10-2015

    Taiwanese businesses thinking to invest abroad do not automatically think about Europe because bilateral relations between the two commercial partners have been low-profile, said Francis Kuo-Hsin Liang, Chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, in an interview with EURACTIV. “We need to push that to a higher profile,” he added, speaking in favour of a Bilateral Investment Agreement.

  • Commission pressures Thailand over illegal fishing

    News | Agrifood 01-10-2015

    The European Commission issued yellow cards to Comoros and Taiwan on Thursday (1 October) , as they risk being identified as uncooperative in the fight against illegal fishing.

  • China’s new military strategy

    Opinion | Global Europe 08-06-2015

    China’s recent white paper on military strategy gives important clues about the type of superpower Beijing aspires to be, write Christian Becker and Nadine Godehardt.

  • EU reopens China solar dumping probe

    News | Competition 01-06-2015

    EU regulators opened a probe into the solar power panel industry in China, the European Commission said on Friday (29 May), in response to accusations that Chinese companies were dodging import duties by exporting via Taiwan and Malaysia.

  • EU slaps anti-dumping duties on China, Taiwan steel

    News | Competition 26-03-2015

    The EU announced that it will impose anti-dumping duties for six months on some steel imports from China and Taiwan on Wednesday (25 March), as a new trade row erupted between Brussels and Beijing.

  • European Parliament is gearing up for TiSA

    News | Trade & Society 16-01-2015

    Overshadowed by the highly mediatised Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations are moving along, and will appear on the radar this year, promises Luxembourgish MEP Viviane Reding, responsible for the dossier.

  • EU should tango with Taiwanese tiger and Chinese dragon

    Opinion | Global Europe 09-01-2015

    Europe is losing out both economically and politically by letting China dictate its trade diplomacy towards Taiwan, Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Roy Chun Lee argue.

  • Rethinking Taiwan: How the EU should follow China into a trade agreement

    Opinion | Global Europe 04-12-2012

    Taiwan-based firms run a substantial amount of China’s economy thanks to their deep business, cultural and linguistic ties with the mainland. This should make Europeans rethink their approach to trade relations with Taiwan, write Patrick Messerlin, Hosuk Lee-Makiyama and Michal Krol.

  • Official: EU market is important for Taiwan

    Interview | Trade & Society 29-07-2011

    Taiwan and China have been extending their economic relations, having a strong impact on European partners. At the same time Taiwan is urging the EU to start negotiating the Economic Cooperation Agreement, Cho Shih-chao, director-general in the Taiwanese ministry of economic affairs, told EURACTIV Germany in an exclusive interview.