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Economy & Jobs 24-04-2020

Poland launches new rules to prevent takeovers by non-EU investors

The Polish government wants to be notified of any planned takeovers of companies by investors from outside the European Union, who may seek to buy businesses hit by the coronavirus cheaply, Deputy Prime Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz said. The government has...
Competition 14-02-2007

Germany set to lose Volkswagen ‘golden shares’

Germany's 'VW law', which protects Volkswagen from foreign takeovers and ensures a majority stake for public authorities and trade unions in Europe's biggest carmaker, has been labelled illegal by an advocate-general at the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
Competition 28-01-2004

EU competition authorities to face new pharma takeover battle

France and Germany are at odds over a hostile takeover bid by French pharma company Sanofi for rival Aventis.

Takeover Directive finally adopted after 14 years of debate

The Parliament has adopted the Takeover Directive, backing the Council's recent compromise text which allows for substantial opt-outs.

Ministers approve Takeover Directive, Commission not satisfied

After 14 years of debates, the Council has decided to back a compromise proposal for a Takeover Directive, providing the EU with a framework of common principles for cross-border takeover bids.

Takeover Directive: Marathon debates close to the finishing line

After 14 years of debates, Council and Parliament may finally reach an agreement on the Takeover Directive, providing the EU with a framework of common principles for cross-border takeover bids.
EU Priorities 2020 03-07-2003

EU Takeover Directive – Success after 30 years of discussion?

The paper calls for an urgent adoption of an EU-wide regulation of company takeovers.
Competition 16-05-2003

Court: Golden shares must go

The European Court of Justice ordered the British and Spanish governments on 13 May to scrap "golden share" laws that let them continue to wield control over companies they once owned.
Competition 20-03-2003

VW-law: Bolkestein wins Commission backing for legal steps

The Commission has sent its letter of "formal notice" to the German government, urging it to relinquish a law that the Commission suspects, protects VW from hostile take-over.
Competition 06-03-2003

Vokswagen-law: Commission suspends action against Germany

The College of Commissioners could not agree on legal action against Germany in their meeting on March 5. President Prodi wants further investigation.
Competition 17-02-2003

EU Commission and Germany narrow the gap on the EU Takeover Directive

EU Commissioner Bolkestein and key German officials held talks to reach a compromise on the embattled takeover directive. Related talks with VW on potential legal action ended on a cautiously optimistic note.
Competition 14-02-2003

Compromise Possible?: Talks on the Takeover Directive and VW between Brussels and Berlin

EU Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein discusses possible compromise solutions on the takeover directive with key German officials, vows to stay tough on VW case
Competition 05-02-2003

Unexpected allies: UK sides with Germany over takeover directive

The Commission might soon have to return to the drawing board on their renewed attempt to push a European-wide directive on company takeovers through, if a British-German alliance to block parts of it goes ahead.
Competition 03-10-2002

Sharp German reactions to new takeover proposal

German industry and labour leaders, as well as several German MEPs, reacted with anger to the new draft takeover directive proposed by the Commission on 2 October
Competition 05-06-2002

Court ruling on “golden shares” paves way for new proposal on take-over directive

The European Court of Justice on 4 June ruled against France and Portugal for having legislation giving the state exceptional stakes ("golden shares") in privatised companies. However, in another case against Belgium, the Court ruled that the Belgian rules were legal.
Competition 11-01-2002

New recommendations for a future takeover directive

A High Level Group of company law experts has issued its first report with recommendations for a new EU-wide takeover directive. The Commission had appointed this group in September 2001 to study options for new legislation on company takeovers after the failure to get its previous proposal adopted in July 2001.

New Company Law experts’ group to rethink failed Takeover Directive

The European Commission set up a High Level Group of seven experts to study new priorities for the future development of EU company law. One of the main objectives of this experts' group will be to come up with new proposals concerning company takeovers after the recent failure to have the takeover Directive adopted.

Commission will present new takeover legislation

Internal Market Commissioner Bolkestein announces that he will be presenting new directive on takeover bids in near future

MEPs reject compromise on takeover directive

European Parliament rejects in third reading conciliation compromise on takeover directive

Court of Justice might approve “golden shares”

Advocate General of Luxembourg-based Court of Justice accepts use of "golden shares" by Portugal, France and Belgium

Compromise on takeover directive

Conciliation Committee between the European Parliament and the Council reaches compromise on takeover directive

Final round for takeover directive?

Draft legislation on corporate takeovers could be ditched, if conciliation meeting does not find last-minute compromise

Germany isolated over takeover directive

Germany fails to win support for new proposal on EU takeover directive during permanent representatives meeting in Brussels on 9 May

Takeover directive in danger?

EU efforts to harmonise legislation on corporate takeovers might be in danger due to eleventh-hour policy reversal by German government