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Competition 28-04-2017

EU flirts with protectionism amid foreign takeover concerns

Some EU member states’ attempts to push for EU legislation to protect "critical infrastructure" from unwanted third-country takeovers has raised concerns of growing protectionism and economic nationalism in the bloc.
Competition 11-04-2008

EU raps Germany over Volkswagen law

The German government has not done enough to abide by an EU Court ruling overturning a law that effectively protects Europe's largest car manufacturer from hostile takeovers, a Commission spokesperson said on 10 April, warning of further legal action.
Trade & Society 31-10-2007

Germany plans law against foreign takeovers

Germany plans to introduce a law preventing takeovers of strategic industries, in a move directed against sovereign wealth funds orginating in countries such as Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and China. The law also targets hedge funds and state holdings from non-EU countries, such as Russia's Gazprom.
Competition 24-07-2007

EU to consider protection from state-funded foreign takeovers

The Commission will look into introducing checks on takeovers of EU companies by state-controlled foreign investment funds, saying that it is concerned that funds run by countries such as China may be acting on politico-strategic considerations rather than economic motives.
Competition 21-05-2007

Italian merger creates EU banking giant

Italian bank UniCredit has agreed to buy smaller rival Capitalia to create Europe's second largest bank behind HSBC, in a move that further accelerates the consolidation of the eurozone’s banking industry.
Competition 04-05-2007

‘Watershed’ ABN Amro takeover battle takes new turn

A Dutch court ruling to block the sale of American based LaSalle by ABN Amro is in favour of shareholders, who argued that the deal was set to fend off a rival offer by the RBS consortium. The EU called the takeover battle a 'watershed for shareholder rights'.
Competition 29-03-2007

Spain taken to court for blocking Endesa takeover

EU regulators said they would take the Spanish government to the EU’s highest court for continuing to block a bid by German energy giant E.ON on Spanish utility Endesa.
Competition 14-03-2006

Grasser warns against new wave of EU protectionism

Recent government interventions into takeover bids in France and Spain make Austrian finance minister Karl-Heinz Grasser call for the Commission to act.
Competition 17-02-2006

France prepares new takeover defences

French finance minister Thierry Breton is ready to amend France's legislation on hostile takeovers of French companies. The move is a direct result of the country's growing protectionism in the wake of Mittal's bid for Arcelor.
Competition 19-09-2005

McCreevy admits ‘lacuna’ in powers to fight protectionism

Commissioner McCreevy has conceded that the Commission is unlikely to take action against the Italian bank governor over recent banking takeover scandals.

France to protect “strategic” economic sectors from foreign takeovers

French plans to shield "strategic" economic sectors against foreign takeovers might contradict EU legislation on free movement of capital.
Euro & Finance 10-02-2005

McCreevy intervenes in Italy’s position on bank takeovers

Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has written to the Governor of the Bank of Italy, Antonio Fazio, expressing his unease at reports that foreign banks were to be limited to a 15% stake in any merger with an Italian bank.