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James Hansen: We are on the verge of creating climate chaos

Burning fossil fuels is warming the planet over centuries to an extent that previously only happened over millennia. Correspondingly, an inexorably rising price urgently needs to be put on carbon emissions, says James Hansen, a renowned climatologist, scientist, and environmental campaigner.
Climate change 18-03-2013

Indigenous chief: Canada trying to muscle EU on tar sands

Canada is tarnishing its green image by lobbying on behalf of tar sands, labelled in the EU's proposed revision of the Fuel Quality Directive as more polluting than conventional oil sources, said Indigenous Chief Bill Erasmus, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Brexit 11-02-2011

Canadian CCS supremo: We need to build global CCS industry with Europe

The EU and Canada should work together to bring controversial carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology onto the global marketplace more quickly, according to the director of Canada's flagship CAN$2 billion CCS programme.

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