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Technology 02-06-2022

AI regulation filled with thousands of amendments in the European Parliament

Each political group of the European Parliament submitted a few hundred amendments to the upcoming AI Act, setting the tone for future discussions.
Technology 23-04-2022

EU institutions reach agreement on Digital Services Act

European Union co-legislators reached an agreement on the Digital Services Act (DSA), flagship legislation that will reign in the digital sphere and step up the fight against illegal content and disinformation.
Technology 06-04-2022

DSA: MEPs boost measures on targeted ads in new compromise proposal

Lawmakers in the European Parliament have been working on a new proposal for a ban on the targeting of minors and the processing of sensitive data, seen by EURACTIV.
Technology 31-03-2022

France must not betray European citizens on the DSA at the 11th hour

As civil society, we welcomed Minister Cedric O’s commitment on Friday to prohibit targeted advertising to minors as well as the use of sensitive data for ad targeting in the DSA. Now the French Council Presidency must follow through and protect citizens, 35 NGOs write in an open letter.
Technology 24-03-2022

DMA: EU institutions agree on new rules for Big Tech

The new EU regulation targeting tech giants will become fully applicable in 2023, following an agreement reached between the EU co-legislators on Thursday (24 March).
Technology 16-03-2022

DSA: European Commission wants very large online platforms to pay for their supervision

While getting ready to enforce the Digital Services Act on very large online platforms, the EU executive has come back with a proposal to charge these big players a supervisory fee directly.
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Technology 11-03-2022

The Digital Services Act (DSA): A step closer to a safer online environment

The Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy and Coalition for Digital Ads hosted a joint online event on 9 March to discuss the Digital Services Act (DSA). As the DSA approaches implementation, what will the regulation mean for users and SMEs?
Technology 03-03-2022

EU actions must match words as DSA negotiations enter endgame

The EU is entering the homestretch of negotiations on the Digital Services Act, which promises to change how big platforms work in order to better protect the rights of European citizens. But if certain proposals by the European Parliament are not included in the final text, the DSA could fail to achieve its most fundamental aim.
Technology 01-02-2022

Access to platform data key to DSA, says Nobel Peace Prize winner

Research access to platform data in the Digital Services Act (DSA) should be further extended to cover journalists and NGOs, Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa told the European Parliament on Tuesday (1 February). 

DSA: MEPs gear up for negotiations ahead of kick-off trilogue

The lawmakers representing the different political groups met on Wednesday (26 January) to iron down the political priorities in view of the first political trilogue of the Digital Services Act (DSA) that will take place on 31 January.
Data protection 25-01-2022

German media industry opposes Google’s planned cookie phase-out

Germany's media and advertising industry has criticised Google for the third-party cookie phase-out it plans to implement in its Chrome browser by 2023 as it could deprive them of a lucrative source of revenue. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Washington proposes ban on targeted ads

Three US lawmakers on Tuesday tabled the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act, a proposal aimed at banning the use of personal data for targeted advertising.
Internet governance 17-01-2022

French and German SMEs oppose tracking-based ads, survey finds

Ahead of a crucial EU parliamentary vote on the Digital Services Act, a survey has found that a majority of small businesses in France and Germany want alternatives to tracking-based advertisements by Google and Facebook, which they perceive as being too invasive.

SMEs keep a close eye on upcoming digital regulations

Small and medium enterprises (SME) have been closely following progress on the upcoming European digital regulations, as EU policymakers are trying to find the right balance between protecting consumers, supporting innovation, and ensuring a level playing field. “Sometimes good intentions...

EU Parliament’s key committee adopts Digital Markets Act

The Digital Markets Act legislative proposal has been endorsed with an overwhelming majority by a key European Parliament committee and will now be voted on in the December plenary session.
Technology 18-11-2021

EU lawmakers reach agreement on law targeting Big Tech

MEPs have reached a compromise on the most controversial aspects of the EU regulation that will introduce strict obligations for internet giants.
Technology 10-11-2021

Meta to prevent ad targeting based on sensitive information

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, will no longer allow advertisers to target users based on data related to sensitive categories such as political affiliation, religion, race or sexual orientation.
Technology 24-08-2021

Campaign against targeted ad spills over the DMA amid business concerns

A push by some EU lawmakers to ban targeted ads has entered the debate around regulation zooming in on Big Tech, with several business representatives voicing their concerns.
Data protection 01-07-2021

Outcry pushes Google to postpone third-party cookies ban to mid-2023

Faced with criticism from competitors and regulators, Google has postponed for mid-2023 its plan to put in place an alternative to third-party cookies, the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), acknowledging the need for more time and debate. EURACTIV France reports.
The EU should prohibit targeted advertising as part of new rules against Big Tech platforms in the bloc's Digital Services Act, the EU's institutional data protection watchdog has said.
Technology 10-02-2021

Prohibit targeted advertising in Digital Services Act, EU data watchdog says

The EU should prohibit targeted advertising as part of new rules against Big Tech platforms in the bloc's Digital Services Act, the EU's institutional data protection watchdog has said.