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Languages & Culture 09-07-2018

German firms promised ‘Marshall Plan’ tax breaks for African projects

Germany plans to use public money to support companies which invest in Africa, part of a new "Marshall Plan" with which it hopes to tackle the roots of the refugee crisis that has convulsed European politics since 2015.
Euro & Finance 12-05-2016

French corporate tax: A lighter burden than it may appear

France is generally considered to be a high-tax jurisdiction for businesses, but in reality it compares favourably with many other European countries. EURACTIV’s partner La Tribune reports.
Elections 02-10-2015

Letter: Juncker warned about Luxembourg tax deals in 1997

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker was alerted in 1997 about the risks of tax breaks his then-government in Luxembourg granted multinationals, according to a document obtained by AFP on Thursday (1 October).
Competition 23-07-2015

Brussels orders EDF to return €1.37 billion in state aid

Tax breaks received by French energy giant EDF in 1997 violated European competition law, the European Commission has ruled. EURACTIV France reports
Competition 17-06-2014

Almunia counter-attacks in high-profile Spanish football tax case

Joaquín Almunia, the Spanish Commissioner in charge of policing the EU's antitrust rules, has denied accusations of a conflict of interest in the handling of an investigation into unfair tax breaks worth billions of euros given to Spanish football clubs, including Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Euro & Finance 23-09-2013

Italy economy minister threatens to resign: paper

Italian Economy Minister Fabrizio Saccomanni will resign if the fragile coalition government flouts European Union deficit spending limits in favor of tax cuts, he told Corriere della Sera newspaper on Sunday (22 September).
Euro & Finance 13-01-2009

Germany approves new stimulus package

Germany's coalition government yesterday (12 January) gave the green light to a €50 billion economic stimulus package, the largest for sixty years, comprising a mixture of subsidies, tax relief for families and investment in construction.

Ministers to debate expanding list of ‘green’ tax breaks

EU member states have sent their finance ministers to Brussels today (13 November) to discuss a proposal, first tabled by Britain and France in July, to reduce Value Added Tax (VAT) rates on certain environmentally friendly goods.  

Commission seeks unified VAT rates

EU Tax Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs has unveiled proposals to simplify tax rules and reduce the number of items that qualify for reduced rates across the 27-nation bloc. But his plans are likely to face opposition from a number of member states which are looking to use VAT cuts to promote family-friendly and job policies.

EU launches attack on Swiss tax rules

The Commission, on 13 February, accused Switzerland of offering unfair company-tax advantages that it says amounts to illegal state aid, in order to lure multinationals away from the EU.
Enlargement 06-09-2002

Hungary will end tax breaks for foreign investors to meet EU criteria

Hungary is expected to stop tax breaks to foreign companies that invest in production to comply with EU competition rules and clear one of the last hurdles in its accession negotiations.