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Economy & Jobs 07-12-2020

Spain’s former king submits tax regularisation before national tax agency

Spain’s former king, Juan Carlos I, has submitted voluntarily to the Spanish tax agency a tax regularisation statement, after local media reported extensively in recent months about alleged tax fraud cases said to be related to the former king, El País reported on Sunday.
Economy & Jobs 19-06-2020

Socialists to lead European Parliament’s new tax subcommittee

The Socialist group will chair the European Parliament's new permanent subcommittee on tax matters, which will focus on tax fraud and tax evasion, group officials told EURACTIV.com
Economy & Jobs 19-04-2019

EU anti-tax fraud quest goes up a notch

The EU's anti-tax fraud programme, Fiscalis, got a shot in the arm from MEPs on Wednesday (17 April), when the European Parliament approved a revised version with a bigger budget. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 29-03-2019

EU Parliament condemns insufficient measures against tax evasion and fraud

The European Parliament approved a report during its plenary session requesting EU institutions and member states to adopt measures against money laundering, fiscal fraud and tax evasion, EURACTIV's media partner Euroefe reports.
EU Elections 2019 04-02-2019

Increasing number of ‘yellow vest’ lists for European elections

With the announcement of a third ‘yellow vest’ list for the European elections, the movement seems to be divided. However, it has managed to make taxation one of the central issues of the May 2019 vote for French people. EURACTIV France reports.
Digital 07-09-2018

Police raid offices of top French electrical firms in corruption probe

The offices of four of France’s largest electrical goods’ companies were raided by police on Thursday on suspicion of cartel pricing and corruption, a judicial source said.
EU-China 24-04-2018

OLAF suspects VAT fraud at China’s new gateway to Europe

European Union and Italian authorities are investigating suspected wide-scale tax fraud by Chinese criminal gangs importing goods via Greece’s largest port of Piraeus, a trade gateway between China and Europe, officials said.
Economy & Jobs 06-04-2018

EU now better prepared to tackle tax evasion

Two years after the Panama Papers scandal revealed the scope of tax haven activities, the EU has adopted new legislation and is now better prepared to tackle tax evasion and fraud. EURACTIV’s partner Euroefe reports.

Twenty EU countries sign off on new anti-fraud prosecutor

The European Commission welcomed on Thursday (June 8) a decision by 20 member states, including heavyweights Germany and France, to set up an independent EU public prosecutor's office which will combat cross-border tax evasion and fraud in the bloc.
Brexit 03-03-2017

Brexit could slam door on star footballers

European football’s top official fears superstar footballers with ongoing court cases, like Messi and Neymar, could be refused access to the UK after Brexit. He even indicated that European matches could be held elsewhere in a worst case scenario.
Euro & Finance 13-01-2017

ECB takes flak from Berlusconi and Schäuble

The European Central Bank faced a multi-pronged assault today (13 January) as former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berluscon was revealed to have filed a case against the bank and Germany’s finance minister told it how to do its job.
Euro & Finance 13-07-2016

Panama Papers parliament committee keen to avoid LuxLeaks mistakes

The initial outrage provoked by the Panama Papers is over. Now that the dust has settled, a European Parliament committee will examine the case in detail. EURACTIV Germany reports.
EU Elections 2014 07-11-2014

Juncker resists calls to face MEPs over ‘Luxembourg leaks’

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is reluctant to face MEPs next week, and shed light on whether the secret tax deals between more than 300 international companies and Luxembourg are in accordance with EU law.
Martin Schulz [Flickr]

Schulz vows to tackle gender pay gap

Presenting his election programme in Brussels on Wednesday (7 May), socialist campaign frontman Martin Schulz said the gender pay gap was "dramatic" and would be a priority in the EU if he became the next President of the European Commission.

Switzerland to speed up measures against tax evasion

Switzerland must adopt a position on sharing bank client data with foreign tax authorities more quickly than originally thought and cannot hold back until all other countries have introduced the practice, its finance minister told a Swiss newspaper.
Trade & Society 12-02-2014

Brussels wages new battle against VAT fraud

The European Commission wants to ease tax information exchange with countries such as Norway and Russia which provide e-commerce and telecom services, but some big member states are still reluctant to share.

Belgian Commissioner De Gucht to face trial for tax fraud

The Belgian tax authorities have asked Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht to pay the state some €900,000 for not having reported a €1.2 million gain he and his wife made from a transaction before he became commissioner in 2009.
Euro & Finance 28-10-2013

‘Luxembourg is a rogue state, Ireland a parasite state’, says French MP

In an interview with EURACTIV.fr, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the former French presidential candidate and leader of a small anti-euro conservative party, calls on France to impose minimum conditions on fiscal policy at the EU level, denouncing the fiscal dumping of Luxembourg and Ireland.
Development Policy 19-06-2013

G8 summit mulls action on tax evasion

The world's rich economies said they would take a tougher stance on fighting money laundering and tax evasion but promised little in the way of specific new action at the end of a two-day summit yesterday (18 June).
EU Priorities 2020 23-05-2013

EU leaders spearhead global clampdown on tax fraud

EU leaders committed to seek a broad global agreement to share data on foreign depositors to stymie tax-shirking companies and individuals at a summit in Brussels yesterday (22 May). Austria lifted its opposition in principle but support could fade should efforts to strike a similar deal with Switzerland fail.

Cameron tells territories, businesses to come clean on tax

Prime Minister David Cameron called upon Britain's overseas territories to "get their house in order" over the sharing of tax information, and told business leaders to stop using “smoke and mirrors” to avoid paying taxes. The fight against tax evasion will be the main topic of an EU summit in Brussels tomorrow (22 May).

Belgian tax authorities investigate EU trade chief

European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht is under investigation for the purchase of a house in Italy, Belgian authorities have confirmed.

Commission to fight VAT fraud schemes

The European Commission adopted on Tuesday (18 August) proposals to combat the ever-expanding value-added tax (VAT) fraud schemes by accessing taxpayers databases across the EU and exchanging information between authorities of the member countries.
Euro & Finance 06-04-2009

EU countries furious at OECD tax-haven ‘grey list’

Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg have voiced their displeasure at being placed on the OECD's 'grey list' of countries that are not yet compliant with OECD tax cooperation rules.