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Economy & Jobs 07-11-2014

Juncker will not face MEPs over Luxembourg tax deals

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is reluctant to face MEPs next week to shed light on whether the secret tax deals between more than 300 international companies and Luxembourg are in accordance with EU law.
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Economy & Jobs 01-10-2014

Banks as tax collectors? EBF-FBF Tax conference reviews FTT, CRS

The 2014 international tax conference of the European Banking Federation, held on Monday in Paris, has reviewed Sunday’s endorsement by G20 Finance Ministers of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) that the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) proposed as a model for a global Automatic Exchange of Information. http://www.ebf-fbe.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/EBF_010514-EBF-Tax-Conference-reviews-progress-on-Common-Reporting-Standards.pdf The conference was an opportunity for the EBF to express its concerns about the CRS: its lack of proportionality, the crucial need for consistency across jurisdictions and for full EU-OECD alignment, the need for a proper examination of all legal and constitutional implications, notably in the field of data protection, and the need for the immediate creation of a review process. The CRS model will require financial institutions to automatically exchange detailed account information with tax authorities in their country. In addition the conference discussed the impact of a possible tax on financial transactions, known as FTT. This tax threatens to introduce regulatory and tax uncertainty in the 11 EU Member States that are currently considering it and risks damaging economic growth in Europe as whole.
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Economy & Jobs 08-11-2013

EU defends Trade Commissioner De Gucht amid tax fraud scandal

As EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht is facing charges for fiscal fraud in Belgium, the European Commission defended on Friday the Commissioner's 'presumption of innocence'. According to the Belgian press, the country's  tax authorities have reportedly asked the Commissioner's family to pay almost 1 million euros in unpaid taxes. But the EU executive said that De Gucht has already told President Jose Manuel Barroso that he did nothing wrong in the case.
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EU Priorities 2020 23-05-2013

EU leaders commit to step up fight against tax evasion

After a snap EU Summit in Brussels on Wednesday, EU leaders committed to seeking EU-wide measures to tackle tax evasion and reduce bank secrecy. Europe's leaders also pushed for proposals on sharing bank information, which would make tax fraud easier to spot. Austria, which had been a strong opponent, agreed to support the proposal. EU Council president Herman van Rompuy insisted that tax harmonisation across the EU was not on the cards.
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Economy & Jobs 21-05-2013

European parliament calls for a Europe-wide tax haven blacklist

MEPs on Tuesday urged member states to step up the fight against tax havens and improve tax collection. The call for a pan-European blacklist of tax havens came ahead of the EU Summit on Wednesday, when EU leaders are due to meet in Brussels to discuss ways to close the current 1 trillion euro tax gap in Europe.