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Digital & Media 02-10-2017

Big member states are dividing the EU on digital agenda

Four countries - Germany, France, Italy and Spain - drafted a paper outlining their priorities ahead of last Friday’s (29 September) digital summit, where heads of state gathered in Estonia. Poland’s Digital Minister Krzysztof Szubert told EURACTIV.com their paper risks dividing EU member states on digital issues.

ILO: Middle class at risk

The erosion of the middle class is worrying, because it particularly hurts young people, thus leading to an intergenerational gap. But it is even more worrisome, as it does not seem to have been taken seriously enough so far, said ILO senior economist Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead.

De-regulated labour markets ‘much more dynamic’

Europe does not need more highly regulated job markets but rather increased investment in human capital if it is to meet the dual challenge of achieving both economic efficiency and social justice, Wolfgang Merkel, the director of the Social Science Research Centre in Berlin, told EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.