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Economy & Jobs 12-11-2020

Greece to offer 50% tax break for returning professionals and ‘digital migrants’

Greece is preparing a law that will offer a hefty tax incentive to workers who move there from abroad, with the aim of creating more professional jobs and reversing its crisis-era brain-drain, an adviser to the prime minister told Reuters.
Future EU 23-04-2019

Macron prepares to launch ‘Act 2’ of his presidency

French President Emmanuel Macron will on Thursday (25 April) reveal his long-awaited response to almost half a year of street protests in a reform plan that could prove decisive for his presidency and long-term political future.
Economy & Jobs 21-01-2019

World’s 26 richest own as much as 3.8 billion poorest: Oxfam

Billionaire fortunes increased by 12% a day in 2018, while the 3.8 billion poorest people saw their wealth decline by 11% a day, according to a report released by Oxfam to mark the opening of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. 
Economy & Jobs 16-01-2019

EU wants end to member state veto on tax

The European Commission on Tuesday (15 January) proposed to end the veto power member states have over EU tax matters, an idea rejected by several smaller countries including low-tax hub Ireland.
Economy & Jobs 29-09-2017

Tax fight draws divisions at EU digital summit

Supporters of a controversial new push to tax tech giants insist they will overcome fierce opposition from a group of around 10 member states.
Digital & Media 27-09-2017

Estonia confident politics won’t overshadow Tallinn ‘digital summit’

Estonia is hosting a summit focused on technology issues this Friday (29 September) but will have to battle for EU leaders’ attention less than one week after the German election, a fresh round of Brexit talks and French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposals on the future of Europe.
Elections 05-07-2017

PM says time to end France’s addiction to spending

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said on Tuesday (4 July) it was time to end France's addiction to easy public spending, promising to cut expenditures over the next five years and rein in debts he said were at an unacceptable level.
Elections 07-11-2014

Read my lips: No new taxes, says Hollande

French President François Hollande said on Thursday (6 November) that he would impose no new taxes on anyone in France next year, as he sought to shake off record-low approval ratings and bolster confidence halfway through a deeply unpopular presidency.
Central Europe 19-03-2013

Slovak PM denounces ‘fashion’ of not paying taxes

Prime Minister Robert Fico said he regrets that it has become a “fashion” in Slovakia for companies not to pay their taxes. EURACTIV.sk reports. 
Future EU 04-01-2011

Brussels and Budapest lock horns

Controversial legislation recently adopted by Hungary's ruling majority has apparently been straining relations with the European Commission since the country took over the rotating EU presidency at the beginning of the year.
Central Europe 24-12-2010

EU firms nervous about new Hungarian laws, taxes

Fifteen large European firms have filed a complaint to the European Commission about hastily-adopted taxes in Hungary which they say threatens their activities in the country taking over the rotating EU Presidency. EURACTIV.hu reports from Budapest.
The City of London
Euro & Finance 06-01-2010

Bankers’ bonus tax hits first hurdle

Franco-British plans to introduce a one-off supertax on bankers' bonuses hit a snag when the asset management sector won exemption from a draft UK law after threatening to leave the country. A related European law could face similar difficulties.
Brexit 02-10-2009

UK to refund HSBC taxes after EU ruling

British bank HSBC is in line for a 27 million sterling tax refund after the European Union's top court ruled a government stamp duty on new shares breaks EU law.
Euro & Finance 17-03-2009

OECD welcomes changes to banking secrecy rules

Two EU countries and Switzerland last week (13 March) announced their intention to amend banking secrecy rules following pressure from the OECD and its members.
Euro & Finance 16-03-2009

Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland to change bank secrecy rules

Two EU countries and Switzerland announced on Friday (13 March) their intention to amend banking secrecy rules in an effort to alter perceptions that they facilitate tax evasion.

Romania defies Commission by lifting alcohol duties

The lower chamber of the Romanian Parliament has unanimously voted to eliminate excise duty on traditional home-brewed hard drinks, despite the very fact that it is required to collect excise on home-brewed alcohol under the terms of its EU accession treaty.

EU finance ministers to set sights on tax havens

Germany is expected to lead calls for tighter EU rules on tax havens during a meeting of EU finance ministers this Tuesday (4 March), in the wake of a tax evasion scandal that has spread from Germany across Europe to the US and beyond.

EU ministers approve sensitive VAT reform

After more than four years of deadlock, European finance ministers have adopted new rules on the way value-added tax is collected on services provided between member states. Revenues will now be reaped by the country in which the consumer is located rather than the one in which the company providing the service is established.

Debate over tax sovereignty heats up in Slovakia

Christian Democrats urge Parliament to defend Slovakia’s ‘flat tax’ regime against future EU harmonisation as discussions over environmental tax reforms take shape in Brussels.

Fear of brain drain makes Poland drop double taxation scheme

To keep Polish workers in Britain from cutting ties with their native country, Poland has signed an agreement to end the punishing double taxation of Poles working in the UK.

OECD: Taxes are highest in Belgium, Germany and Hungary

Tax charges on employment are in excess of 50% in Belgium, Germany Hungary and France. In contrast, the US recorded 29.1% and Korea just 17.3% in a fresh OECD study.

Poland on course for VAT clash with the rest of the EU

The government in Warsaw has declared that it will veto an EU deal on reduced VAT rates for certain services. The announcement is expected to result in a conflict between Poland and the 24 other member states.
Euro & Finance 13-12-2005

Member states could be liable for huge back tax, says ECJ

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has given a ruling which could allow companies to claim back billions in taxes across the EU.

Tax rises and subsidy cuts to finance Germany’s healing

A sharp rise in VAT and cuts in welfare programmes for the retired and the unemployed are the cornerstones of the treaty between conservatives and social democrats, the partners in Germany's prospective coalition.