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Elections 29-03-2022

French candidates almost unified in calls for reduction in inheritance tax

Raising the threshold of relief from inheritance tax is one of the very few measures all candidates in the French presidential elections agree on, although they vary in their amounts proposed. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 07-05-2021

Spain eyes overhaul of tax, labour market and pensions

The Spanish government wants to implement a series of extraordinary measures in the coming months so as to be eligible for EU funding, including changes to tax laws and reforms of the labour market and pension system. EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.

Carbon pricing: The best instrument for climate change mitigation?

To limit global warming to 2°C or less—the level deemed safe by science—large emitting countries need to take ambitious action. Economists have long agreed that the most effective way to meet the climate challenge is to put a price on...
Climate change 25-02-2019

Green taxation in France: The controversy shows it’s still a difficult issue

In an opinion piece, 86 French MPs from across the political spectrum have called on the government to find an ‘effective and socially just carbon taxation’ after the carbon tax was abandoned at the height of the ‘yellow vest’ crisis. An interview with Matthieu Orphelin by EURACTIV France’s media partner La Tribune.
Economy & Jobs 20-02-2019

Croats increasingly pull money from bank savings to avoid tax

Croatian citizens and entrepreneurs that keep their money in current and giro accounts, rather than in savings, are growing in number at historically high rates. Bundles of banknotes are more and more common in house vaults, socks and mattresses. EURACTIV Croatia reports.
Enlargement 24-01-2019

Kosovo to keep tariffs until Serbia grants recognition, insists PM

Kosovo's prime minister refuses to lift tariffs on imports from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, despite external and internal pressure to back down. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Economy & Jobs 11-06-2018

Tax evasion deprives the EU of 20% of corporate taxes

Economists consider, based on tax havens’ statistics such as Bermuda or Ireland, that 40% of multinational companies' profits avoid taxation. The EU would thus be deprived of a fifth of its income from companies. EURACTIV.fr reports.
Euro & Finance 09-12-2016

Zara under EU scrutiny following reports of aggressive tax planning

The European Commission will examine a scheme set up by Inditex, the parent firm of Zara, that could have helped the clothing retailer avoid at least €585 million in taxes, according to a report published on Thursday (8 December) by the Greens group, in the European Parliament.

EU votes on shareholder measures to tackle reckless companies

MEPs could send a strong signal to citizens and companies alike that Europe does not accept environmental and social abuses, or tax dodging, say Anne van Schaik and Megan MacInnes.

Anti-fraud law hits Spain’s elites

Model 720, the anti-fraud law passed by the Spanish Government in 2012, has claimed its first high profile victim. Rodrigo Rato, the former director of the International Monetary Fund, as well as First Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of the Economy, is being investigated. EURACTIV Spain reports.

EU needs more cost-effective renewables projects, auditors say

EU countries' renewables projects have not always been the best value for money, a vital criterion if the EU is to make its 2020 target for such energy, according to the European Court of Auditors (ECA).
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Economy & Jobs 10-04-2014

Commission proposes EU platform to tackle undeclared work

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday the creation of a pan-European platform to aimed at preventing and detering undeclared work more effectively.

Experts say food and drinks taxes not enough to combat obesity

Food and drinks taxes still haven't been proved to be an effective way of combating obesity in Europe. However, the taxes, introduced by many European governments, could be a way forward but they have to be part of a holistic approach, experts say.
Trade & Society 30-01-2013

EU threatens to punish Norway for breaching EEA agreement

Norway is failing to live up to its obligations as a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), including imposing extra taxes on EU products and not implementing more than 400 directives, according to an EU report to be published later this year.
Elections 02-10-2012

Outspoken German politician hits back in Swiss tax dispute

Peer Steinbrück, the former Germany finance minister who is to run as the Social-Democrat (SPD) challenger to Chancellor Angela Merkel next year, has demonstrated his tendency for plain speaking by calling Swiss bankers 'Indians' in a move that seems to set the tone for his electoral campaign.
Agrifood 22-08-2012

Danish fat tax a feast for German border shops

Denmark's recently introduced tax on food and drinks is driving shoppers to neighbouring Germany at an unprecedented level, according to a survey by the Danish Grocers’ Trade Organisation (DSK).
Health 13-07-2007

Parliament votes against increase in alcohol excise duties

In a non-binding legislative resolution, MEPs voted against a Commission proposal to raise the EU's minimum rates of excise duty on beer and spirits, and asked for the proposal to be withdrawn.

Fear of brain drain makes Poland drop double taxation scheme

To keep Polish workers in Britain from cutting ties with their native country, Poland has signed an agreement to end the punishing double taxation of Poles working in the UK.

High taxes do not hinder competitiveness, says report

Corporate tax rates, rather than the general taxation level, and the efficiency and quality of government expenditure have a direct impact on competitiveness, concludes a report. 
Future EU 11-03-2005

Freezing of EU services directive “not fair”, says Hungarian minister

The delocalisation problem is overblown and the freezing of the services directive is unfair, says Hungary’s socialist minister of European affairs, Etele Baráth in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Future EU 10-03-2005

Freezing of EU services directive “not fair”, says Hungarian minister

The delocalisation problem is overblown and the freezing of the services directive is unfair, says Hungary’s socialist minister of European affairs, Etele Baráth in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.

No further concessions for Switzerland on savings tax

Finance Ministers have agreed with the Commission not to grant Switzerland any more concessions in the EU's negotiations about opening up the country's secretive banking system to prevent tax evasion.
Competition 23-07-2003

EU to call on new Members to eliminate ‘harmful’ tax breaks

The EU will by the end of 2003 compile a list of "harmful" tax measures which the future Member States should phase out to avoid frustrating competition in the internal market.

Belgium revives fight over EU tax package

Belgium's decision to block a key element of the 3 June deal on an EU tax package has now put the fate of the package in a limbo again.