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Economy & Jobs 11-06-2019

European Comission calls on Germany to invest more in education

One would expect that increased digitisation would ensure less work is needed but the European Commission has stated that EU member states will face exactly the opposite. It has also warned Germany that it needs to invest more in education. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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Economy & Jobs 17-09-2018

How the EU should support teachers in meeting professional needs

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) organises a public event in Brussels, Belgium on 19 September.

OECD report highlights next 5 to 10 years as key in attracting new teachers

An OECD report says that large amounts of experience and skill will need to be replaced as school teachers in their 50s retire in the next five to 10 years. Meanwhile, Commissioner Figel says universities should become more flexible employers. 
Economy & Jobs 24-06-2004

Keeping teaching attractive for the 21st century

This report analyses the perception of the teaching profession by the teachers and society through opinion polls. It proposes five ways to strengthen the attractiveness of the profession.
Economy & Jobs 18-05-2004

Key Data on Information and Communication Technology in Schools in Europe

This report evaluates the incorporation of ICT into European Education Systems with 35 indicators.
Enlargement 23-03-2004

5,000 schools debate European values and enlargement

More than 5,000 schools from the current and future EU Member State are participating in the 2004 edition of 'Spring day in Europe' to debate and celebrate European values.
Economy & Jobs 16-03-2004

Evaluation of schools providing compulsory education in Europe

This study focuses on the way schools, in particular those responsible for compulsory education, are being evaluated. It compares both external and internal methods and procedures for evaluating schools.
Economy & Jobs 13-02-2004

European portal helps teachers to share news and connect

The eSchoolnet portal, a gateway to educational content from all over Europe, aims at facilitating teachers access to information about pedagogical methods and use of technology for education in Europe.
Economy & Jobs 17-09-2003

New OECD report: girls have higher jobs expectations, teacher shortages loom

The 2003 edition of the OECD's Education at a Glance highlights growing risks of teacher shortages in Europe.
Economy & Jobs 17-07-2003

Employers federations: make the teaching profession more attractive

On 16 July, eight employers' federations from across Europe released a report to push the EU and governments to make the teaching profession more attractive and the school management more efficient.