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Non-discrimination 30-06-2021

Counting the cost of low teacher diversity

EU leaders agreed at a 2009 summit that they were committed to “attracting and retaining the best teachers in underperforming schools, strengthen leadership, increase the number of teachers with a migrant background”. But little progress appears to have been made.

How teachers turn Europe into a leading hub for innovation and research

We need motivated, properly trained, well-equipped science teachers to prepare and inspire the next generation of researchers in Europe, writes Marc Durando.
Languages & Culture 02-04-2009

Orban launches Arsenal languages scheme

EU Multilingualism Commissioner was in London today (2 April) for the launch of an innovative project combining foreign-language learning and football training run by Arsenal football club.

OECD report highlights next 5 to 10 years as key in attracting new teachers

An OECD report says that large amounts of experience and skill will need to be replaced as school teachers in their 50s retire in the next five to 10 years. Meanwhile, Commissioner Figel says universities should become more flexible employers. 
Economy & Jobs 24-06-2004

Keeping teaching attractive for the 21st century

This report analyses the perception of the teaching profession by the teachers and society through opinion polls. It proposes five ways to strengthen the attractiveness of the profession.
Economy & Jobs 08-09-2003

The teaching profession in Europe: profile, trends and concerns Working

This report is concerned with various aspects of the professional status of teachers, as well as their working conditions, working time, duties and pay.