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Report: Technology platforms failing on R&D commercialisation

More regulatory and standardisation efforts are needed to help translate research results into new products and services, concludes an independent evaluation of the European technology platforms (ETPs).

AgroSciences see future in energy and chemicals

The EU technology platform on plant sciences is investigating the potential of widening the current use of plants for food, feed and construction to a source of energy and chemicals.

Interview: EU platform charts future of agro-business

An EU strategic research agenda for plant sciences envisions the wider use of plants that could replace chemicals and fossil fuels and guarantee enough safe food for future generations.

Technology platforms’ visions need to be implemented at national level

As the strategic research agendas delivered by the industry-led technology platforms enter the implementation phase within FP7, the challenge is now to align national, regional and international research activities with these research priorities.

Commission in search of blueprint for hydrogen JTI

The Commission needs to find a single 'master structure' for the future large-scale public-private partnerships realised in format of Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs), says Herbert Wancura, vice-chair of the hydrogen and fuel-cells industry grouping.

First ‘lead-markets’ initiatives to be launched early 2008

Businesses have welcomed the EU's so-called lead-markets initiatives which seek to promote innovation areas with high growth potential, as long as the public sector limits its actions to improving the business environment by, for example, setting common standards.

Large public-private research initiative set for 2007

ARTEMIS, the first European Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) will conduct research in embedded computing systems, with 3 billion euro expected to be spent on electronics and software from 2007-2013.

Technology platforms to identify lead market opportunities

Technology platforms will help the EU to identify opportunities and barriers for the creation of lead markets for innovative goods and services, says Science and Research Commissioner Janez Poto?nik.

Poto?nik: Technology Platforms need to remain open and transparent

At a conference gathering stakeholders of all current European Technology Platforms, Commissioner Janez Poto?nik underlined the need for the platforms to remain open to all stakeholders and transparent in their actions.

EU research: business investment and creation of demand are key

The European business summit had clear ideas on how to turn knowledge into growth: more private sector investment in R&D is a must, together with the creation of lead markets for technology-intensive goods and services.
Digital & Media 07-10-2005

Robots to speak European

Commissioner Viviane Reding launches, on 7 October 2005, a European techology platform for robotics, the market for which is excepted to expand rapidly within the next 20 years.

Technology platform to foster innovation in food products

A European technology platform called 'Food for life' will research and innovate to develop new products and production processes to boost economic growth and to assure quality goods to European consumers.