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Data protection 30-04-2018

A European vision for human-centred digital platform ecosystems

Europe must continue to establish itself as the global regulator of digital technology serving Europeans and respond to growing pressure from online platforms, write Mariya Gabriel and Mounir Mahjoubi.
Data protection 23-01-2018

Facebook tries out charm offensive with four EU Commissioners

Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg attempted to woo a team of four EU Commissioners during closed-door meetings Tuesday (23 January) on tense issues like hate speech and online platform transparency.
Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger during a visit to Silicon Valley this week
Technology 24-09-2015

Lawmakers rebuke US ‘digital protectionism’ charges

EU lawmakers have spoken out against accusations that Europe is promoting protectionism aimed at damaging American technology firms.
European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip
Technology 08-09-2015

Commission mulls new measures in divisive inquiry of online giants

Eyeing the growing influence of online platforms, and the risk they'll abuse their dominant positions, the European Commission is considering whether new measures are needed to limit firms that could include Google and Facebook, or Apple's app store.
Energy 15-10-2008

Industry slams EU hydrogen initiative

The European Commission yesterday (14 October) launched a long-term public-private research partnership aimed at accelerating the commercialisation of eco-friendly hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. But industry leaders immediately slammed the initiative's lack of ambition.

Report: Technology platforms failing on R&D commercialisation

More regulatory and standardisation efforts are needed to help translate research results into new products and services, concludes an independent evaluation of the European technology platforms (ETPs).

Interview: EU platform charts future of agro-business

An EU strategic research agenda for plant sciences envisions the wider use of plants that could replace chemicals and fossil fuels and guarantee enough safe food for future generations.

AgroSciences see future in energy and chemicals

The EU technology platform on plant sciences is investigating the potential of widening the current use of plants for food, feed and construction to a source of energy and chemicals.

Commission in search of blueprint for hydrogen JTI

The Commission needs to find a single 'master structure' for the future large-scale public-private partnerships realised in format of Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs), says Herbert Wancura, vice-chair of the hydrogen and fuel-cells industry grouping.

First ‘lead-markets’ initiatives to be launched early 2008

Businesses have welcomed the EU's so-called lead-markets initiatives which seek to promote innovation areas with high growth potential, as long as the public sector limits its actions to improving the business environment by, for example, setting common standards.

‘No business-academia gap in Finland’

Building on its long-standing industry-academia co-operation, Finland is set to establish international centres of excellence in key science, technology and innovation areas. Different actors are expected to commit together in setting up a non-profit, joint-start company on each of the areas.

Large public-private research initiative set for 2007

ARTEMIS, the first European Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) will conduct research in embedded computing systems, with 3 billion euro expected to be spent on electronics and software from 2007-2013.

Lack of Community Patent ‘significant barrier to innovation’

A new Commission Communication tells EU leaders to support the creation of a European Institute of Technology and to break the logjam on the Community Patent in order to foster innovation in Europe.

Technology platforms to identify lead market opportunities

Technology platforms will help the EU to identify opportunities and barriers for the creation of lead markets for innovative goods and services, says Science and Research Commissioner Janez Poto?nik.

Poto?nik: Technology Platforms need to remain open and transparent

At a conference gathering stakeholders of all current European Technology Platforms, Commissioner Janez Poto?nik underlined the need for the platforms to remain open to all stakeholders and transparent in their actions.
Technology 07-10-2005

Robots to speak European

Commissioner Viviane Reding launches, on 7 October 2005, a European techology platform for robotics, the market for which is excepted to expand rapidly within the next 20 years.

EU seeks to revive European manufacturing industry

The launch of a European technology platform on manufacturing is part of efforts to boost the EU's ailing manufacturing base. 

Environmental Technologies Action Plan: sustainable development meets Lisbon agenda

The Commission has presented an action plan to stimulate the development of environmental technologies which have the potential to boost economic growth and competitiveness.
Climate change 26-03-2003

Commission wants to boost environmental technologies

With a new Communication published on 25 March, the Commission launched a stakeholder consultation on its upcoming action plan to boost environmental technologies.
Technology 15-11-2002

Technology after the bubble

IT will rise again but only if the providers learn how to help their customers make money. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 4 Technology The great corporate information technology glut is over, and not a moment too soon at least...
Technology 23-05-2002

Biometrics – hype and reality

Biometrics – hype and reality   Biometric technologies are currently attracting considerable government and private interest, especially since the World Trade Center attack. This could lead to substantial growth of this fledgling market. Biometric authentication systems identify or verify someone’s...
Technology 08-05-2002

The Internet’s Contribution to Progress and Growth in Germany

The Internet’s Contribution to Progress and Growth in Germany: The Economic Impact of the Internet and the Price Structure of Access For a long time now, there has been intensive discussion in Germany, and other countries around the globe, amongst...

Technology and work – the 21st centruy and its challenges

Technology and work – the 21st centruy and its challenges   The internet is a driving force of transformation in society. In sectors using information and communications technology (ICT) as platform for innovation, the meaning of the term “work” is...
Technology 07-03-2002

Convergence [Archived]

Traditionally, telecommunications, media and information technology were operated on different networks, used different "platforms" and fell under quite different legal regimes. The economic and technical convergence of electronic communications poses serious challenges to EU lawmakers.